How to freelancer choose top 3 portfolio jobs

How to freelancer choose top 3 portfolio jobs

Often, customers go to the general directory of freelancers to find a specialist for their project. The first thing they look at is a selection of freelance portfolio work. Under each artist’s name on the main page of the catalog there are 3 works. These are the examples that they placed in the first line of their portfolio.

We tell you why you should choose top examples for the first 3 places in your portfolio and reveal life hacks on how to do it.

Why is it important to put top works in the first places

It’s simple – so you can show your expertise and professional level. If you select interesting works for the first line of the portfolio, this will increase the chances of attracting the attention of the customer and getting a new project.

How it works? Looking through the general catalog of freelancers, the customer sees the cards of individual specialists. First of all, he draws attention to the portfolio work that the freelancer himself has chosen to show in this card. Sometimes the customer does not know that you can view each profile of a freelancer and his work in more detail. So the examples of work in the catalog help him understand at a glance the level of professionalism of a freelancer and how he can solve his question that he can offer.

The customer quickly scans the page of the freelancers directory and looks for jobs that will affect him. You need to make sure that it is your work that touches the eye and there is a desire to go to your profile. A good portfolio is not just a beautiful case, but also a way to show the client how you can solve their problem.

How to freelancer choose top 3 portfolio jobs

What works to put in the top

How to understand which works should be put in the top 3 of your portfolio? There are a few secrets that you might not know about.

It should be:

  • Interesting works as a result of cooperation with large or well-known brands.
  • New portfolio works that get more views.
  • Works that received a lot of abuse.

We recommend taking into account the work for the last 1.5-2 years, because every year your professional level improves.

Popular Portfolio Works – What They Are and How to Find Them

We offer life hacks on how to find the most popular works in your portfolio:

  1. View all your work.
  2. Count how many days ago you posted each work in your portfolio.
  3. See how many views each work received.
  4. Divide the number of views by the number of days and multiply by 100.
  5. Compare the performance of all the works in the portfolio.
  6. Select the top 3 works in which this indicator will be the highest.
How to freelancer choose top 3 portfolio jobs

Do this once every 6 months to upgrade top robots. Over time, some work may become more popular, so you should keep an eye on this and change the order of the work in the portfolio.


So, now you know how and why to choose the most popular works in the portfolio and put them in the first line. We hope that our advice will help you get even more new projects.

Try to follow our recommendations to stand out in the general directory of freelancers and attract the attention of customers. Experiment, try and succeed!

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