how to earn with the help of your bot

how to earn with the help of your bot

Telegram bots have become an integral part of the Telegram messenger, providing the user with a wide range of services and entertainment. However, in addition to meeting the needs of users, Telegram bots can become a source of income for their creators.

In this article, I propose to discuss various monetization options and determine the options most acceptable to the parties.

I try all this on the basis of my robot World_for_life_bot, which has already gained several thousand subscribers and is completely free. But I will be very interested in your experience in starting monetization.

Here we will omit the issue of selling services offline, because this is definitely not my option at the first stage. We are trying to sell the information we have accumulated during the first years of the project and plan to develop in this direction. Although there are, of course, ideas for the implementation of functionality that will be interesting offline, but for now I am looking at the informational component of the project.

1. Paid subscriptions

One of the most common ways to monetize a Telegram bot is to provide paid subscriptions. Users can access exclusive content, features or bot services by paying a monthly or annual fee. Subscriptions may provide access to premium content, advanced statistics, or features that make using the bot more convenient.

It seems to me that this is the most common monetization scheme, if you are not directly trying to sell services. And here a whole field of possibilities opens up:

1.1 Trial period with limited access

One approach to monetizing paid subscriptions is to provide a trial period with limited access. In this case, users get access to the robot for a certain period of time to evaluate its functionality and value. After the trial period, they are offered a full access subscription.


  1. User Engagement: A trial period can attract more users because they can evaluate the work before paying.

  2. Ability to demonstrate value: Users can see what benefits they will get with their subscription. Here, for my case, there is a risk that the bot is not needed every day.

  3. Automatic transition to subscription: After the trial period ends, users can automatically switch to a subscription if they liked the bot. Or calmly stop communication until the bot is needed.


  1. The need to support the payment system: To automatically switch to a subscription, it is necessary to configure the payment system, which may require additional efforts and actions of the user.

  2. Not always suitable for all robots: This method of monetization may not be suitable for bots that do not provide services every day

1.2 Payment for premium content

Your bot may provide premium content or features that are only available after payment. This may include additional features, enhanced functionality or exclusive content. Paying for premium content can be one way to monetize your bot.


  1. Additional income: Selling access to premium content can generate additional revenue over the primary source.

  2. The possibility of attracting the target audience: Users interested in premium features may be more inclined to pay.

  3. Improving user experience: Premium content can enhance the user experience by making the robot more attractive.


  1. The need to develop and maintain premium content: Creating and maintaining premium content may require additional resources and effort. It goes without saying that premium clients demand premium quality and premium service availability.

  2. Possible irritation of users: If the premium content is separated too much from the main content, it can cause irritation among users.

  3. The complexity of organizing a subscription: If you divide all the content into premium and regular, then there are no particular problems. And if you offer the user to pay for the selected content from the premium one, it will be very difficult in the Telegram interface to organize and maintain subscriptions to many functions with different terms of opening access.

  4. Reluctance to pay: Not all users are willing to pay for access to additional features, which can limit your audience.

  5. The need for a clear description of premium features: In order to attract users, it is important to clearly describe what they will get when they pay for premium content.

For example, for my work, it can be: ratings, city comparison mode, simultaneous translation of SMS for travelers, assistant in packing for the trip.

1.3 Referral Subscriptions and Program

I cannot ignore the development of subscriptions in the form of a referral program.

Referral subscriptions include a program that allows existing users to invite new subscribers by offering them rewards or benefits for successful referrals. This program can drive subscriber growth and increase subscription revenue.


  1. Stimulating audience growth: The referral program motivates existing users to invite new ones, which contributes to the growth of the number of subscribers.

  2. Increase in income: If invited users subscribe, it can increase the income of the work.

  3. Strengthening the community: Referral programs help strengthen the community of users as they work together to achieve a common goal.

  4. Free promotion: An effective referral program can promote the bot organically without additional advertising costs.


  1. The need for management: A referral program requires management and support. It is necessary to monitor its effectiveness and respond to changes.

  2. Risk of abuse: Uncontrolled distribution of invitations can lead to abuse and fraud.

  3. Optional participation: Not all users will be ready to invite new subscribers and it may not work for all audiences.

  4. Need for rewards: In order to motivate users as much as possible, it may be necessary to offer rewards for inviting new subscribers, which can increase costs.

2. Advertising and affiliate programs

Cooperation with advertisers and participation in affiliate programs allow your Telegram bot to earn income from placing advertisements and joint projects with other bots or companies. This method is based on partnership and can be profitable if implemented correctly and under the right conditions.


  1. Stable income: Advertising and affiliate programs can provide a steady and regular stream of income for your bot.

  2. Mutual benefit: Partnering with advertisers and other bots can be mutually beneficial, expanding your audience and increasing your reach.

  3. Functionality extension: Partner programs may provide access to new features or content that may enhance the user experience.


  1. Risk of annoying users: Advertising can be annoying to some users, especially if it is relevant or out of context.

  2. Maintaining balance: A careful balance of ad quantity and relevancy is needed so as not to annoy users with a barrage of ads until they request information from the bot.

  3. Dependence on partners: The results of the cooperation may depend on the partners, and in case of their failure, your income may decrease.

  4. Lack of control: In some cases, you may have limited control over content or offers from advertisers.

3. Donations

Donations are a monetization method where users voluntarily transfer funds to support your bot and your project. You can implement the functionality of accepting donations through payment systems and actively inform users about the opportunity to support your bot.


  1. Volunteering: Donations are not imposed on users, and they make them of their own free will. This can create a more positive audience attitude towards your robot.

  2. Support from a loyal audience: If your bot has a dedicated and loyal audience, then users may be willing to support you financially to ensure the long-term existence of the project.

  3. Freedom in determining the amount: Users can decide for themselves how much money they are willing to donate, which can lead to a variety of amounts and an increase in overall income.


  1. Unstable income: The flow of funds from donations can be unpredictable and unstable. It can fluctuate depending on the time and the audience.

  2. Optional: Donations are voluntary and not all users will be willing to donate, which may limit revenue.

  3. Dependence on activity: The level of engagement of your audience and their willingness to support you financially plays a key role in the success of this monetization method.

  4. Not the main source of income: Donations are best viewed as an additional source of income rather than a primary source of financial sustainability.


Monetization of a Telegram bot is an important aspect in creating and maintaining a successful project, because working on the project requires spending time and paying for resources. It is important to remember that the choice of a particular method depends on the audience, goals and your skills.

In my opinion, to successfully monetize your Telegram bot, you should pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Quality and usefulness: The first thing your bot should do is provide valuable and interesting content or services to attract and retain users.

  • Relevance of monetization: The method of monetization should correspond to the nature of your work and the interests of your audience. If you have chosen a direction, you should not jump for the sake of earning where you are ready to pay now. To me, the long-term trust of users is more important than the second earnings with the loss of the audience.

  • Balance between monetization and user experience: It is important to maintain a balance between earning and meeting the needs of users, so as not to annoy the audience. You should not overload users with unnecessary information and frequent imposition of communication. I personally don’t like it myself and I wouldn’t want it for the users of my robot

After all, monetizing a Telegram bot can not only become a source of income, but also provide an opportunity to develop interesting projects and provide valuable services to your audience. Success depends on your dedication to building a quality bot and understanding the needs of your audience.

And as always, I will be glad for a constructive and meaningful conversation in the comments, as well as your experience in monetization. After all, there is nothing more valuable than the real experience of those who have already passed this way (their victories and not only).

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