how to create a game using a neural network

how to create a game using a neural network

Roblox programming for kids is a common hobby among modern schoolchildren who are interested in computer games. The virtual universe, inhabited by millions of players from different parts of the planet, has become a real phenomenon in the world of children’s leisure. Schoolchildren got the opportunity not only to spend time in popular games, but also to develop their own virtual worlds, learn programming and create unique 3D graphics. Thanks to Roblox, every child can become a game designer and realize the dream of creating their own game.

If you ask your parents if they’ve heard of Roblox, the answer is likely to be yes. The popularity of the virtual “sandbox” is growing rapidly: teenagers all over the world create their own unique games and share them with friends. Statistics impressive: as of early 2024, more than 70.2 million users visit the Roblox platform every day, the total number of active players exceeds the mark of 216 million people, and there are 4.6 billion registered accounts. Roblox’s 9.5 million users are developers who have created more than 40 million games. The “sandbox” has gained particular popularity among young users: 42.3% of players and developers are younger than 13 years old.

Fun facts about Roblox for kids

Children who are just starting their way as programmers in Roblox will probably be interested in learning a few interesting facts about the platform:

  • In 2024, Roblox celebrates its 20th anniversary. The platform was born in 2004, and the idea arose way back in 1989. The main developer of Roblox is the American programmer, physicist and entrepreneur David Baszuki. His account on the platform is david.baszucki.

  • The first name of Roblox was different – at first, the popular platform was called DynaBlocks. However, in the same year, it was renamed and received the familiar name, as the old name was considered difficult to pronounce.

  • Thanks to Roblox, the expression “ugh” has become an Internet meme along with “lol” and “kek”. This is due to the “oof” sound that a Roblox character makes when they die. The expression “ugh” caused a scandal that erupted in the media space: the composer Tommy Tallarico recalled the copyright that belongs to him, as a result of which the sound became paid.

  • According to statistics, the Roblox platform is more popular than Minecraft, Fortnite and even Steam. In the latter, according to SteamDB, 667 million players are registered, while Roblox passed the mark of 4.6 billion accounts.

  • The first game created on the Roblox platform for children was developed in 2006 – even before the end of the beta tests of the platform. It was called Rocket Arena, and later it was renamed to Classic: Rocket Arena. In 2015, the game was shut down because it did not support modern Roblox tools. And in 2017, it was finally removed from the platform.

  • Currently, Roblox’s only in-game currency is robax. However, this was not always the case: previously, in addition to robax, users could pay with game tickets (Tix) at the rate of 4 tickets = 1 robax. Users received up to 10 tickets for daily login to the game, due to which Roblox faced the problem of multi-accounting and was forced to implement captcha. In 2016, the developers canceled this currency.

  • Roblox has won numerous national and international awards, including awards for contributing to the education of the younger generation and encouraging interest in learning programming languages.

  • Roblox developers are able to monetize the games they create. The platform has an incentive program for talented programmers who produce bestsellers. A vivid example of success is the American teenager Alex Balfanz, who created the world-famous game Jailbreak. The number of players in it reached several hundred, and thanks to deductions from Roblox, the young developer was able to earn money to pay for a four-year college education in just two months.

  • Roblox is not only an environment for modeling characters and locations, but also a full-fledged tool for teaching children coding. Young developers write game mechanics using the popular Lua scripting language developed in Brazil. However, Roblox programming for kids is suitable even for students with no coding experience, as the language is easy to learn from scratch.

Is it possible to create a Roblox game for children with artificial intelligence?

Nowadays, every schoolchild knows what artificial intelligence is, and probably at least once heard about the popular ChatGPT or even prepared educational papers with its help. In addition, it has long been known that the neural network is an excellent coder’s assistant. Big companies are actively implementing artificial intelligence functions into their products – for example, Microsoft’s Copilot, which helps you write code. We invite you to set up an experiment and create your own Roblox game using neural networks. But to begin with, a little theory.

ChatGPT is a large language model created by OpenAI. It uses artificial intelligence technology to understand human speech and respond to questions and messages in a human-like manner. ChatGPT learns on a huge amount of texts, which allows it to be very accurate and informative. You can ask her any questions or just chat with her and she will try to help you and answer all your queries. However, even artificial intelligence is not immune to mistakes: they are called hallucinations, and the verb to hallucinate even became the word of the year 2023 according to the Cambridge English Dictionary.

We choose the theme of the game for programming in Roblox for children

First of all, we asked ChatGPT to help us choose a theme for our upcoming game. The robot offered a choice of 8 options, described each of them. We chose a platformer and asked to elaborate on ideas that could be used to create a game. In response, ChatGPT gave useful advice and detailed the structure of the game, offering to implement the selection of levels and obstacles, create bonuses, awards and other incentives for the user.

After that, we asked the neural network to help us with the theme of the future game, and from the proposed options, we chose a map with a historical theme – ancient Egypt.

Working with scripts through a neural network: dynamic blocks in Roblox for children

In addition to the idea and the map, to develop the game we will need to write the game code. We will again turn to artificial intelligence for help and give it the task of creating dynamic blocks. In response to our request, the neural network generated a parkour block script that should move forward and backward on the X axis.

In this script, the robot made an error: it was assigned to the “part” object. After a repeated request with clarification, the neural network issued a working version of the script:

Next, we asked to write a similar script for a block with vertical movement:

Creating a player account and bonuses in Roblox for kids through a neural network

According to the design of our game, invented by a neural network, each player should have his own account. In addition, it is necessary to add items that he can collect and receive bonuses in the future. To implement this idea, we once again tasked AI to help with the code and write the scripts.

Unfortunately, the neural network made a small mistake here. The script turned out to be a worker, but instead of replenishing bonuses, only the player’s health points increased. We gave the artificial intelligence a second chance, changed the request and additionally indicated that the player must have a bonus account, as well as the functionality to replenish it.

At this point, the AI ​​began to clearly hallucinate. In response to the request, it produced a large error code that was completely unsuitable for our game. It was possible to get a reliable and working version only after we pointed out the errors to him and prescribed the logic of interactions between objects.

Mechanics of selecting bonus objects in Roblox for children through AI

After we have set up the points accumulation script, we can move on and start working on the bonus objects themselves. The collection block in our game is an ancient vase. We need to create a script for her selection and subsequent replenishment of the account. We made a request with the first version of the code for the bonus object, asking to change the script to take into account the introduction of the account into the game. The robot issued the correct script, but it is worth noting that it is not optimal due to the obvious excess of nested structures:

Now that we have successfully implemented the replenishment of player points, we can start creating the winning block.

Creating a winning block through programming in Roblox for kids

According to our design, there should be a special victory block at the end of the map. Having encountered it, it is supposed to display information about winning the game to the player. Here, the neural network even slightly exceeded our expectations: artificial intelligence offered an interesting option, adding the need to score a certain number of points for the character as a condition of victory. However, even with an interesting idea, it was not without errors: ChatGPT incorrectly used the SendNotification method. Only at the repeated request, when we gave the artificial intelligence the task of rewriting the script using the message object, the code turned out to be working.

Our neural network game is ready. Even though we encountered a number of bugs during the development process, constantly correcting answers and refining requests, the platformer works exactly as we expected it to. We suggest you see the whole process with your own eyes in a short and interesting video lesson on programming in Roblox for children, and then repeat the steps from the instructions.

Roblox DIY coding for kids VS ChatGPT: Which way to choose

ChatGPT certainly knows how to come up with interesting ideas and write scripts quickly. This is supposed to save the developer time, but in reality, things go quite wrong. With most requests, the neural network hallucinated and issued code with gross errors, which often greatly affect the performance of the game. And despite the fact that we still managed to create a game based on ChatGPT scripts, at many points we had to help the neural network: specify requests, supplement them with details, and sometimes even make corrections ourselves.

However, as they say, a bad result is also a result. We have proven that knowing how to use ChatGPT is only half the battle. In order to create games in Roblox for children, you need to have the skills to independently write code in the Lua language. In Roblox programming courses, children learn not only languages, but also master the basic skills necessary to develop a full-scale project. And in order to correct errors in the use of methods and optimize the code generated by the neural network, you must first learn to read and understand it. However, artificial intelligence can significantly facilitate the work of specialists in the game industry and other developers: if you know how to interpret the results generated by the neural network, give the right requests and edit scripts from ChatGPT, you can significantly save time, achieve the desired result and implement interesting ideas.

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