how the cooperation of educational technology and universities is organized / Habr

how the cooperation of educational technology and universities is organized / Habr

Online courses and higher education are often seen as competitors. It’s really like comparing a tour bus and a taxi: two different formats for different tasks. Higher education is responsible for the ability to learn, useful connections, fundamental knowledge and systems thinking to not just write code well, but to understand how it works. The courses are responsible for practical and relevant skills – roughly speaking, for the ability to work and benefit the business.

These two formats can be combined so that you no longer have to choose: work or study, applied skills or a diploma, ordinary life or admission to the appropriate university in another city.

Yandex Praktikum sees this as the future of higher education, which is why we launched online bachelor’s and master’s programs together with universities. Let us tell you how such cooperation works.

Who is responsible for what

We are building an approximately 50/50 partnership: the Practicum is responsible for part of the disciplines, and universities are responsible for the other part. We take on applied courses that we have already developed in the Workshop or develop them from scratch as part of our product portfolio. The university is responsible for theoretical disciplines such as econometrics and mathematics, as well as for what should be in the program according to the federal state educational standard: for example, English. The combination of the two approaches helps prepare middle-level specialists whose skills meet the expectations of employers.

Depending on the student’s interests, we also divide the scientific guidance: if the student is interested in science, a teacher from the university will supervise the final work; if you are inclined to practice, a mentor from the Praktikum or even Yandex.

The authors of the program are practitioners in the field in which we want to teach students: for example, developers or analysts. In contrast to the university format, where the program is most influenced by one academic leader, in the Workshop there are several authors, and everyone contributes their own vision. This is how we remove the limitation imposed by the experience of one expert and make the picture bigger.

For joint programs, we invite universities with a modern view of education. Our partners are NITU MISIS, TSU and ITMO, and in 2024 we plan to work with RANHiGS and the Financial University.

Why do we learn?

In 2023, we recruited students for three programs: two in programming and one in data analysis.

  1. Accelerated online bachelor’s degree “Frontend and mobile development” jointly with ITMO

    • study 2.5 years instead of 4 years,

    • diploma of the state model in the field of “Applied Informatics”,

    • you can choose a specialization: frontend, iOS or Android development.

  2. Online master’s degree “Data analytics for business” jointly with TSU

    • study 2 years,

    • diploma of the state model in the field of “Applied Informatics”,

    • you can choose a specialization: product, marketing or business analytics.

  3. Online master’s degree “Web development” jointly with NITU MISS

How training is organized

The entire educational process takes place online – from lectures to projects and exams. Learn theory and do practical tasks on the Praktikum platform with built-in help from YandexGPT. University subjects will be held in online lectures with teachers or in the LMS of the university. Communication with mentors is organized in the format of webinars.

A big difference from the usual university format is that the student is accompanied by several people: a curator, a mentor and a reviewer. They do not work according to strict and dry templates, but immerse themselves in everyone’s situation.

The curator helps with organizational issues and makes the learning process more convenient, the mentor shares professional experience, and the reviewer checks homework and gives constructive feedback.

How the practice will go

As an educational practice, we offer adapted and real projects from businesses and non-profit organizations. Students get experience as close as possible to regular work and build a portfolio.

Internships can be completed at a university, at the Practicum Workshop, at the company where the student currently works, or at another that he finds on his own or with our help. It will also be possible to apply for an internship at Yandex.

The Workshop will also help with job search: experts will teach you how to write a resume and assemble a portfolio, prepare for interviews and offer exclusive vacancies from partners.

What will be the documents and benefits

Higher education from the Praktikum is full-time programs implemented in an online format. This means that all the benefits and advantages of full-time students are preserved: a state-standard diploma from a university, deferment from the army, discounted travel, student discounts, the opportunity to take an educational loan with state support or receive a tax deduction.

Students will also have access to the university’s infrastructure: they can visit campuses, libraries and laboratories, participate in events and scholarship programs.

Similarities and differences

To make it easier to compare, we put everything in a table.

Classical higher education

Higher education from Praktikum


More fundamental knowledge may lag a bit behind market realities

A combination of fundamental and practical knowledge corresponding to the current situation in the IT sphere

The authors

An academic supervisor with a scientific degree and teachers who select relevant disciplines

An academic director with a research degree and several practicing authors with experience in the field working on the program together

Scientific work




In the university or the one that the student will find himself

The same options plus the possibility of an internship at Yandex, practice at the Practicum Workshop or at a partner company


Independent projects

Educational and real projects included in the program


Lecturer at lectures and seminars, dean’s office

Teacher, curator who helps with the organization of the educational process, practical mentor and reviewer of projects


Classmates who can be seen every day at live lectures and seminars

Communication with classmates from different parts of the country and the world in chat or video calls

Help with finding a job

Some universities have career centers

Help is included in the program: resume and portfolio development, trial interviews, partner vacancies


Student discounts, deferment from the army, discounted travel

The same benefits

Access to the university campus

Full access

Full access

Ability to combine with work

Eye form is very difficult to combine with work

The program is designed so that you can study in parallel with work

Where can you learn from?

From the city where the university is located

From anywhere in the world

How to apply for the program

Everything is like at a university, only in online format: It is necessary to collect documents and pass entrance exams by September. The applicant does not need to come to the university, all stages of admission take place remotely.

The selection is necessary to insure a person from entering a program where he can study due to a lack of necessary understanding of the material of the disciplines.

In order for applicants to prepare well, the Praktikum provides free access to a simulator with the necessary tasks. And the curator will help with the admission procedure, documents and communication with the university.

After the applicant gets a passing score, it is possible to conclude a contract with the university and pay for the education. The cost for one semester is from 150,000 ₽ to 200,000 ₽ rubles, depending on the program. In order not to pay the entire amount at once, you can take an educational loan with state support from Sber. The loan can be taken to pay for any period of study. It can be one semester, a year or all.

If you want to learn more about the programs or submit an application for training, you can submit an application here.

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