how much money is needed to contain the program

how much money is needed to contain the program

Every day at YuSMP Group we communicate with potential customers. As a rule, in the financial part, they are interested in the cost of the program or the price per hour of specialist work. One way or another, the entire budget is built around the project, and it is right – it is important to calculate the forces on the shore.

But the thing is, once the product is released, it needs to be maintained, and yes, that costs money too. The article told what you will have to pay for after launch and how to properly complete the project so as not to break even on the finished application.

When to prepare for project completion

How to understand that the project is on the finish line and it is necessary to prepare the project for launch? Here are some key points to help you assess and plan for this transition.

First of all, it is worth analyzing the current situation. Compare the project’s planned deadlines with the actual percentage of completion. Determine which functionalities are already implemented and which remain in the development stage. This will allow you to have a clear idea of ​​how close the project is to release.

Get checklists from the project manager that will help you check the project from the end user’s point of view. Go through the project as a normal person, pay attention to all possible shortcomings and errors. Discuss the results with the project manager and determine what steps need to be taken to eliminate the identified problems.

Find out from the development team when regression and load testing are planned and when they expect this process to be completed.

  • Load testing checks the performance of a software product. Software “attacks” with more users and data than usual. This allows you to determine how the system copes with the increased load and to identify its limits of endurance. The main purpose of load testing is to find out how the system behaves and what resources it requires under high load conditions.

  • Regression testing is a method of testing software code after making changes or adding new functions. It aims to ensure that existing features remain functional and are not broken after changes are made. Regression testing helps prevent bugs and app crashes after updates.

These events may affect the start date of the project, so keep this in mind when planning.

What needs to be done to successfully complete the project

One month before the launch, it is necessary to clarify all infrastructure issues. This includes setting up servers and keeping them secure.

It is also necessary for the contractor’s project manager to prepare accounts in the App Store and Google Play if the project involves the presence of mobile applications. Check if certificates and permissions are required in terms of platform rules.

Experienced web studios suggest initial server setup a month before launch. This includes extensive testing to make sure everything works as intended. The team must be ready to launch the project and attract traffic.

The development team should also conduct regression and load testing, check all systems for bugs and inaccuracies. Only after a thorough check can you start launching and debugging the project.

Depending on the size and complexity of the project, launch mode can take anywhere from two weeks to one month. It is important to take preliminary measures, such as protection against DDoS attacks, protection of web forms using captcha.

Let’s go! What the software product needs for further work

What is life after launch? This is the moment when the project is completely ready for use. All the necessary actions are completed, the marketing campaign is prepared and the development team is ready to receive feedback from users.

Now you need to be on the lookout: tracking bugs that pop up, responding to user messages, and keeping a close eye on performance.

Feedback is available

Your product should include a simple and accessible user feedback system. It can be chats, e-mail, feedback forms and much more. The development and support team must respond promptly to requests and resolve issues quickly.

Total control

The service logging and monitoring system plays an important role in ensuring its stable operation. The team must monitor the logs closely and respond promptly to any crashes or issues. It is necessary that such systems should be foreseen at the stage of development.

Lightning reaction

In the case of DDoS attacks and bots, the support team must be ready to respond quickly 24/7 to such problems and take measures to prevent attacks. You cannot allow the service to be unavailable – especially important when there is growth.

If the project includes services for sending SMS messages, CDN and other additional functions, pay special attention to ensure that their work does not stop due to lack of payment. Services and hosting accounts must always have funds. And the development team should help choose the optimal servers and ensure their performance on demand.

How much does it cost to contain a software product

After the launch, part of the financial resources will be directed to support the server. If the service requires round-the-clock support, an administrator must be installed to avoid long downtimes.

So, let’s make a list of fixed costs for the finished application:

  • payment of servers and additional services;

  • network administrator;

  • control of indicators;

  • analysts and customer appeals;

  • elimination of bugs

Usually, the team that worked on the project itself offers to support the product. For convenience, the company offers technical support packages: you can choose a basic set of services or an advanced version depending on the needs of the project.

On average, the price of minimal support starts at 60,000 rubles per month. Maximum support will cost at least 500,000 rubles per month.

Paying for the server and additional services can cost from 15,000 rubles. up to 250,000 per month depending on the size and workload of the project.

It is important to understand at the initial stage of the project that technology is only the beginning of costs. The application may be profitable, but it will definitely require constant investment. Put these amounts into the budget in advance and decide who and how will generate the project after the release. Unfortunately, without quality support, even the best product will quickly become unusable.

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