How freelancers helped create Ukrainian VilnaCRM

How freelancers helped create Ukrainian VilnaCRM

To stand out from the competition, gain the favor and loyalty of customers, gain a foothold in the market, you need high-quality services or products and proper positioning. If the company itself is responsible for the first point, then Ukrainian freelancers can help with the second. What potential customers see immediately forms an opinion about the company. Therefore, it is important to make a design that will work to create a positive image of your brand.

Today we offer a case prepared by Ruslan Kiriyenko. She takes 1st place in the “Interface Design” category among service specialists. In just 2 years of working at Freelancehunt, Ruslana has reached the top in several categories. The designer shares his experience and talks about one of his successful projects – the creation of a Ukrainian CRM system from scratch.

About company

VilnaCRM is an open source CRM system for automating sales of small and medium-sized businesses from a Ukrainian development team. Business owners and sales managers are the target audience of the landing page. Sales departments of companies, accountants, IT specialists and the management of these departments are the target audience of the CRM system.


The customer came up with two tasks:

  1. Develop the company’s identity – logo, corporate colors.
  2. Design a CRM system with more than 30 pages.


The entire project budget is UAH 87,600. The price included both the corporate identity and the design of the CRM system.


The project was complex and divided into several parts: identity, landing page and CRM system. Each stage had its own task.

In the task of identity, we had to show an association with a light, free system created by the Ukrainian team, as well as create a memorable image. In our case, it is a bird. In my opinion, we did an excellent job with this task and emphasized all of the listed features of the business.

How freelancers helped create Ukrainian VilnaCRM

The second task was to attract customers with the help of a landing page, on which we respectively indicated all the features of the platform and invited users to register on the service.

The most difficult task, in my opinion, is to create a user-friendly CRM system. We focused on the fact that users will spend a lot of time at the monitor and often visit the site page. Accordingly, we used a light theme for easy perception of information, carefully analyzed the behavior of a potential client and implemented a large amount of useful functionality.

How freelancers helped create Ukrainian VilnaCRM


The identity and design of the CRM system for associations with the Ukrainian platform was created from scratch. To do this, we used blue and yellow as the brand colors.

How freelancers helped create Ukrainian VilnaCRM

The project was long and interesting. We’ve been working hard on user convenience. We tested different interaction options and applied the best ones. The most difficult part was creating a custom canban board, as we had to take into account the presence of a large amount of information in a small input field.

How freelancers helped create Ukrainian VilnaCRM

The customer was satisfied with the cooperation. We worked through everything from A to Z, all the tips, errors, the condition of the parts. We will be able to see the result in numbers when the project is launched.

Project Features

I believe that the launch of a product that covers so many user needs is already special. From the CRM system, you can make phone calls, create comments, and interact with the team. The functionality is quite convenient if we look at the product from the point of view that we do not need to switch among many services.

How freelancers helped create Ukrainian VilnaCRM
How freelancers helped create Ukrainian VilnaCRM

Interview with Ruslana

– Did you have to take a break from freelancing with the start of the war?– When the war began, my family and I were forced to flee our hometown (from the editor – Ruslana from Kherson). And even on the road, I tried to work, keep in touch with customers and do everything on time. That’s why I didn’t stop working.

I always return to freelancing because I have the opportunity to work remotely from anywhere in the world in any situation. And also, of course, because of the love for their profession and the process of work.

– Since the beginning of the war, orders have become more or less? Have you had to reduce the cost of services?
– Surprisingly, there are more orders, sometimes it is not even possible to take on a project due to excessive workload. I think that such a flow of projects is connected with the opening of an increasing number of Ukrainian businesses abroad and on the Internet. I did not reduce the cost of services. Usually the cost of my services automatically increases through the course, because I evaluate the project in dollars. By the way, every 3-4 months I regularly increase the price, because I get new knowledge and improve my skills in design.

– How exactly do you find projects – do you place bets or do regular customers invite you to Personal projects?
– To be honest, all at once. But more often these are new customers who personally write in personal messages. I make bets very rarely, because usually I have a full workload on projects and simply don’t have time for it.

– What do you think helps to make better money: professional skills or the ability to communicate, sell your services?
— I believe that a real expert needs both to develop professional skills and improve communication skills with clients.

Freelance assignments (designer, copywriter, targetologist or other specialists) – help the client’s business and provide an expert view. In my case, in design it is important not only to make it beautiful and bright, but also to solve the problem. A specialist who solves business problems and offers ideas earns more, because this immediately indicates his professional level.

Why do you think customers choose you?
– At the beginning of my freelance journey, I tried to create an individual offer for the customer, to stand out from the others. Now, I think, the main criterion for customers who contact me is the experience and expertise that I spoke about.

Why do you think you are offered Personal Projects?
— In my opinion, the portfolio is the “face” of a freelancer, especially a designer, so I try to pay a lot of attention to my portfolio. Clients often find in my portfolio a design they would like for their project and offer a Personal Design.

— Do you work on other services and what results do you get?
– Among the platforms, I work 90% of the time on Freelancehunt, it is convenient and comfortable for me here. Sometimes foreign customers contact me on Upwork, but this is very rare, because I hardly use this service.

– Why did you choose us? Why did our service seem better to you than others?
— I like the fact that dumping is prohibited. I believe this encourages clients to appreciate the work of freelancers and freelancers to learn to evaluate their own work objectively. This is very valuable, because dumping is a common thing on many other services.

– Did you work with famous brands, big business during the war?
– I like working with startups from scratch. It is really very interesting to create a product from the very beginning, create an idea and help businesses get started. I also had the opportunity to work with well-known companies, but unfortunately, the NDA does not allow me to disclose the nuances of cooperation. I managed to work with a well-known animal clinic in Kyiv and create a lot of digital products for it. For veterinary care for my cats, I now turn only to them 🙂.

“Money by itself does not bring happiness. What goals, ideas, dreams do you spend money on?
— I love making gifts for my loved ones and making my cats happy. This takes up a significant portion of my budget. The main part of the funds is, of course, equipment, because it is much more pleasant to work with a fast laptop and in a comfortable environment.

Thanks to Ruslana for an interesting interview and we wish you many new orders on the service!

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