How freelancers help companies stay on trend

How freelancers help companies stay on trend

Ukrainian small and medium business continues to resume even during the war. Some businesses are now not just surviving, but growing, increasing turnover, increasing their customer base. In the new conditions, those who adapt to the needs of the audience become successful.

With the outbreak of the war, the trend for everything Ukrainian began to gain momentum. Therefore, it is not surprising that patriotic projects are in great demand among the audience. Today we are talking with customers representing UKRAINE GTA – an online game about Ukraine, where there are real cars, cities, real places of work. Thanks to this, you can feel the whole atmosphere of the Ukrainian game and Ukrainian players.

We tell you in more detail how freelancers help the company develop and the benefits of cooperation on the service.

How freelancers help companies stay on trend

About the idea of ​​creating a game and its features

— Please tell us how the game UKRAINE GTA appeared and developed.
– The idea appeared 6 years ago. Such games were popular then, but they were directed mainly to Russia. Accordingly, the players were also from the so-called CIS. And we wanted to do something of our own, dear, for Ukraine. But at that time it was not yet so relevant to the audience. That is, there were not many interested players, everyone was more accustomed to playing criminal Russia.

We had ideas, developments, determination of the pros and cons of competitors, their analysis. 2 months after the start of the war, we realized that now it would be relevant and interesting to people. They don’t want to play Russian games anymore, so a Ukrainian product was needed. There were no analogues of that time. We have become one of the first in the market.

How freelancers help companies stay on trend

Somewhere in April we had a large audience. In June, the first server was launched. About 30 thousand players downloaded our game at the same time. But our servers failed because we weren’t ready for it. Then they did not understand the scale and did not know what to do with such a large audience. After the first problems with the servers, DoS attacks from the Russians appeared, which gave us a lot of problems.

Every day we corrected, improved, solved problems. After about 2 months, DoS attacks stopped because we worked out security issues as much as possible. The players returned, we started to set the first records for the number of players online.

By the new year, the second server was opened. Set a record 1400 players online at the same time, above 100 thousand registered accounts. We began to move on, develop, cooperate with bloggers, improve, improve the game, fix bugs, optimize.

Now we have about 20-30 thousand active players and this number is constantly growing. Every day there are approximately 1000 new players who download the game.

– What is the specifics of the game?
— The game is based on the engine of the world-famous GTA (Grand Theft Auto), but at the same time shows the Ukrainian realities, features of everyday life and fully conveys the Ukrainian flavor. The action takes place on the streets of Ukrainian cities, all vehicles have been replaced with more familiar models and have Ukrainian numbers. Also here you will find famous Ukrainian stores, such as ATB, Silpo.

How freelancers help companies stay on trend

How everything happens. The player enters our site, installs a game launcher – an application where he selects the server on which he wants to play. There are 2 servers – Central Ukraine and Western Ukraine. There is a little more online on the first server than on the second. Then the introduction to the game begins, where the player is told all the nuances. The player then chooses what they want to become, such as joining the APU or the Patrol Police.

The target audience of the game is mainly schoolchildren, teenagers, but there are also adult men and girls.

How freelancers help companies stay on trend

– What are your plans for the near future?
– We realized that now many people do not have the opportunity to enter the game from a computer. We need to make a mobile version of the game. I hope that in the spring we will be able to launch the mobile version and set many more records there than on the computer version.

About completed projects on the service

— Why did you choose our service and how did you find it?
— We went to Freelancehunt recently on the recommendation of an employee. We began to actively develop, so we needed more and more people in the team. The volume of work grew, different specialists were needed – male and female announcers, designers, typesetters and others.

We were looking for an exchange where there are many specialists, where there is a choice, where it is comfortable and profitable to work. That’s why we came to Freelancehunt.

We found a lot of needed specialists here. Dozens of freelancers responded to each project. Mostly we met experienced professionals who have been working for many years. But, for example, our designer is a very young specialist without much experience, but he did an excellent job.

Targetologists did advertising for us, announcers made nice voice acting for our players, designers made good websites, menus, etc. Thanks to these specialists, we began to reach the top in our field.

— Tell us in more detail about the projects that you ordered on the service. First of all, we are interested in projects on design and layout of the site.
– In terms of design, we have our own particular style in the game. It had to be followed. They wanted to choose a younger designer who at least played GTA and knows what it is. We found a designer who matched our requirements. Approximately 5 days later Dmitry made a cool site for our TS. After that, they found a layout designer who made up the site.

How freelancers help companies stay on trend

The peculiarity of the site is that each player has his own personal account, which we will still be finishing now. This is an interesting combination of all the bases and the interaction of the site with the game. The player using his login and password will be able to enter the site and find out all the information about himself: how much money he has, what kind of cars, apartments, houses, business he has in the game. All this he can watch from the phone without going into the game.

We are satisfied with the results of working with freelancers.

– If you need a specialist, which way do you go – looking for freelancers through a catalog or opening a project? What do you look for when choosing a freelancer?
— We open public projects on the service more often. We open personal projects with those specialists with whom we liked working and are satisfied with the result.

When choosing a specialist, we pay attention, first of all, to the portfolio, if we talk about design. For us, it is important the quality of the work performed, with which the specialist cooperated with companies, how complex projects he performed, whether the experience was similar.

Secondary factors are how long it will take to complete our project and the financial side of the issue.

Benefits of working with freelancers on Freelancehunt

Tell us about your collaboration with freelancers.
— Our team consists of 60% of full-time specialists and somewhere 40% from freelancers. We found all freelancers on Freelancehunt. If we need more specialists, we will look for them here.

Our team’s priority is safety. It is very important for us to work because of the secure agreement on the service.

Previously, we had unpleasant situations when a person disappeared with an advance payment or we received a completely different result than we expected. But this was not within the framework of the service, and we did not find a specialist on freelance exchanges. Therefore, we do not work this way now, but choose a safe agreement.

What are the benefits of working with freelancers?
– Cooperation with freelancers for us has the following advantages:

1. It’s profitable.
2. It’s not dangerous.
3. There is a large selection of specialists.

When you are looking for a specialist for a project, you have the opportunity to choose from those who respond, view their portfolio, and find out the cost of the work.

If you hire a specialist on staff, he may not always be loaded with work. It is more profitable to find a freelancer who will perform tasks when required.

— Did the blackouts affect the work of freelancers?
— No, all the freelancers we collaborated with are experienced professionals who have generators, starlinks and everything you need to work. They are very serious about the work, so there were no problems.

Why businesses should partner with freelancers

– What fears on the part of customers may arise?
– Firstly, the work can not be completed on time. Sometimes a little delay doesn’t make a difference. But there are times when the finished work is needed at a certain time, and this is very important. For example, if we talk about design, when we announce to the audience about some kind of update, but it is not ready.

Fear No. 2, we will again talk about the example of design, when the designer may not get into the style. We did not have such problems, because we carefully study the portfolio of specialists for the work that suits us.

— Would you recommend a business to contact freelancers and why? When should you use freelance services?
— Yes, we recommend contacting freelancers if the right person is not for a permanent job, but on a project-by-project basis. For example, the development and refinement of the site, design, the work of the announcer. There is no point in looking for a designer on staff (if this is not a constant workload).

Why should a business go freelancing?
We see 3 factors:

1. Security of cooperation.
2. Large selection of specialists.
3. Diversity – you can find a performer for different tasks in any field, even a very narrow one.

Plus, many freelancers have adapted to power problems and get their work done on time.

Even in this work, a business can quickly find the right freelancing specialists, use their resources efficiently and get a profit for their activities.

Thank you for the interesting interview and cooperation with our freelancers. We wish you good luck and many new players in your game.

Should I create a new design or update an old one? Make a site layout or voice a video? Freelancehunt specialists will perform any task and help in the successful development of your business.

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