How did 2023 pass at Khabr Career

How did 2023 pass at Khabr Career

We are used to the fact that the results of the year are always about achievements or failures. Most often, of course, about achievements. It is always useful to look back to evaluate what has been done and remind yourself that you were still a good professional this year, definitely deserved a bonus, promotion or at least not to burn out in 2024.

In this article, we looked back, evaluated everything done, motivated ourselves for the future and advise you to do the same with your tasks. And what didn’t make it in time, will definitely make it next year. If, of course, you don’t miss the deadline.

In general, we encourage you to watch what happened at Habr Career in 2023.


In the past year, the product team of Habr Career launched:


They launched projects that helped to grow in their careers or to understand where to go and what to expect.

So, in the past year, we conducted:

  • Career weeks: with winners of the employer ratingand more for frontenders, testersanalysts: the first and friendand backenders: the first and friend.

    Career weeks are something like an open house, only for a week: companies talk about their employability qualities in a video feed format and post vacancies. And participants vote for the best video, respond to vacancies and ask questions to speakers.

  • How to find your first job in IT – a guide for juniors and trainees who are just facing challenges in the profession.

    Leaders, seniors, technical directors, managers of internship programs and the interns themselves were invited to tell us how life is now for novice IT specialists and how to make life even better. All records we have VKontakte.

  • Stories of career failures – collected stories of failures from people who are ready to share their experiences. The goal: to support authors and help them find new ways in professional development. Five selections were collected: the first, friend, the third, the fourth and the fifth. New stories – in the new year!

  • Battle of pet projects — in the format of a reality show, two teams of novice IT specialists worked on one idea: to create a place on the Internet where you can unite with like-minded people and work on IT products. → See how it went.

  • Public consultations at Khabr Experts – held career consultations in back end, testing and recruitingto show what questions you can come to the mentor with and what the meeting looks like from the inside.

  • public interviews — a live online interview with EIchars, through which IT professionals can practice self-presentation skills and receive feedback in a safe environment.

    This year there were five of them: manual tester from JSC ANGER»in Android developer with Magnet, u digital accessibility specialist from RTLabs, u Python developer from and frontend on Vue with Timeweb Cloud.

  • Analysis of resumes designers: the first and the second from the portfolio, participants in the battle of pet projects and week of rating winners — pages of various specialists were analyzed there.


We continued to do what we really love — studying the IT market, employers and much more about careers and specialists.

About money in IT

When we collect data for salary reports, we do not take salaries from resumes or job vacancies, but from salary calculator Habr Careers. These are the real salaries that IT professionals receive in their hands, after deducting all taxes, and anonymously indicated in our calculator.

In 2023, you left more than 30,000 salaries, and we analyzed:

This year, we wrote not only about income, but also about expenses of specialists. A rubric has been entered “How much is spent in IT”:


They communicated with you, studied your interests, preferences and even well-being.



It was released at the beginning of the year ranking of the best IT employers 2022 — we build it based on the ratings that Habr Career users gave to their employers over the past year.

We will soon close the collection of ratings for the rating of the best IT companies 2023 – you still have time rate your employer.


  • In the rubric “Who to work in IT” they talked about the career path scrum master from the Bank of Russia, system analyst from JSC ANGER», marketer from Rostelecom-Solar and head of the development department from ASCON.

  • Talked with companies about working conditions, employment, teams and technologies in the rubric “Where to work in IT”.

    In 2023, it was possible to learn more about the company My Warehouse, RNKB Bank, IT Bastion, beeline, Softline, DatsTeam, and DK teams Astra»Termidesk and Tantor.

IT HR Tusovka

And we talked a lot with employers in our company Telegram channels for EIchars and recruiters in IT: about careers, specialists, salaries in vacancies, and just laughed with the meme. If you are engaged in hiring – well done!

We wish you

so that in the New Year your releases are successful, requests are instant, servers are stable, projects are unique, and deadlines are flexible. Let there be fewer bugs than stars in the sky, and tests cover all cases of life. In general, everything.

Employers — so that experts do not fly away from the interview, and applicants — so that this employer is found as soon as possible. Let everything work out in your career and beyond.

Thanks a million for being with us.
Habr Career team.

We are on social networks: IT HR Tusovka, Telegram Habr Careers, VKontakte, Twitter.

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