Hiring activity on the IT market in March 2023 / Habr

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Habr Career, the job portal for the tech community, had 3,724 vacancies posted in March, up 12% from February. Of these, 62% offered the potential for remote work. Backend specialists continue to be the most sought-after – 851 vacancies were available last month. Developers with skills in mobile technologies were in high demand, with 143 job postings, while 97 were available for juniors. High-efficiency jobs were those attracting the most interest from candidates; the most effective March vacancy was for front-end developers at Softindustries.

Hiring activity on the IT market in March 2023 / Habr

Every month, we look at which companies publish the most vacancies and study hiring activity in terms of specializations and qualifications. And we also collect effective vacancies for the month: those that have attracted the most attention of specialists.

In this article, we understand what happened with hiring at Habr Career March.

In general, in March on Habr Career you could respond to 3724 vacanciesby 12% more than in February. The share of vacancies with the possibility of remote work is 62%, 1% less than last month.

Who hired

As in ours annual rating of IT employersWe do not compare large companies with thousands of employees to small startups. The ranking of hiring companies is divided into four groups based on the size of organizations: huge (more than 5,000 employees), large (1,000-5,000 employees), medium (100-1,000 employees) and small (10-100 employees).

But in this rating, we collect the top 3 companies from all on Habr Career, which posted the most vacancies in a month. Here’s what came out in March:

Hiring leaders in March by company size:

Who was hired?

We looked at the specializations and qualifications that were most often searched for in March.

Vacancies in specializations

We collected all the vacancies that companies published in March – we remind you that there were 3,724 of them – we counted the specializations that were most often searched for and compiled the top 5.

The most popular specialization at Habr Career remains backend: 851 vacancies. For system analysts published 359 vacancies. Vacancies for frontenders and devops engineers – there were 206 of them. 143 vacancies were posted for mobile developers in March.

Vacancies for qualifications

Collected all March vacancies on Habr Career and filtered by those with qualifications.

More than half of the vacancies, in which qualifications were indicated, were published for middlemen – 1,702 vacancies. A third of the vacancies are for seniors: 1083. In March, 281 vacancies were published for leaders, and 97 for juniors. There were 25 offers for interns.

Effective vacancies

To complement the research, we decided to add to it the jobs that received the most reviews per month of views – we called this effectiveness. Here are the vacancies for March:

The most effective vacancy in March was from the Softindustries company — they were looking for a frontender team. The vacancy was viewed by 1,243 people, of which 258 responded. The second and third places are vacancies for a frontender and a Python developer from the companies SberKorus and Andagar.

The efficiency of all vacancies can be seen in the far right column of the graph.

As we thought

It is not very difficult: to see how many vacancies the company published in March, we took data from our service. Compiled all vacancies that could be responded to in March – they included, in particular, those vacancies that were open in February, but were active in March. Next, we looked at who was posting vacancies and divided employers by company size. And then we simply selected the companies that posted the most jobs in March and brought them to you.

To calculate effective vacancies, we also needed data from our service, which is able to calculate the effectiveness of placements – the number of reviews divided by the number of views. We only had to choose vacancies with a high index.

And in order to make diagrams by specialists, we took all the vacancies for March and filtered them according to the criteria we needed: specializations and qualifications.

If you are an employer and are going to post a vacancy on Habr Career, but you don’t know how to do it, we have compiled detailed instructions in help. If you have any questions, write to us at [email protected] and we will definitely answer them.

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