He went to Moscow, wanted to get rich, but stayed at a broken trough.

He went to Moscow, wanted to get rich, but stayed at a broken trough.

Many people want to go to Moscow to find a high-paying job or develop their business. I also had such a desire in 2016. Then I flew from Crimea to Moscow for almost a whole year. How it ended and why I went back, I will tell in this article.

What started it all

In 2016, while living in Crimea, I tried to develop my online stores. This required constant capital investments, so I earned, conditionally, freelancing. That made? I had my own little web studio in the online space. We developed sites for clients, did contextual advertising and SEO. Since the studio was small, I was very client oriented. Tried to please customers as much as possible, to achieve results. This played a cruel joke on me in the future.

At the beginning of autumn 2016, my friend and I bought a one-way ticket. They rented an apartment, got settled. We already had several Moscow clients. For one client, we developed an augmented reality program for choosing kitchens. For another, an updated website and contextual advertising were made, it was the topic of metal forging. Well, there were also several smaller clients. There was enough money for life and projects, but close.

What about online stores

My friend did not participate in this. I and another friend of mine (he happened to be from Moscow) did the shopping. We made a shop for hookahs and electronic devices when I was still in Crimea, later there were Uggs Australia, sneakers, watches, glasses. Purchase gardener (hookahs on sevasi) – sale through the site + context and SEO. The hookah shop worked best because there was good SEO traffic (context is not possible on this topic). Later we sold it for 900K.

Such things were sold in hookah shops

The proceeds were invested in other stores. But we did not take into account some points:

  • New shops were made on django. The difficulty was in the heavy SEO optimization of such projects, so we could not get fast traffic, although we licked stores, as we thought.

  • Contextual advertising which has always been effective. There was experience in this direction. But the competition is fierce. In many ways, they chose the wrong niches.

  • Due to the large number of projects, we were scattered and could not implement them effectively. It was necessary to concentrate on one thing.

  • My friend also constantly dispersed, including on his other projects. And he was responsible for logistics.

The ugg outlet australia showed itself the best. The old domain is megauggs.ru (you can find it in the web archive if you wish). During the winter season of 2016-17, we earned about 1 million net on it. Mainly due to contextual advertising in Yandex CPC model. But at this point I had a new problem.

What about customers

I wrote earlier that I was very customer oriented. This means that the lion’s share of free time was spent on client projects. But I wanted something different. That is why I transferred all projects to a friend with whom I came to Moscow, so as not to let customers down, and began to deal only with my stores. Went all in, as they say. As a result, my main income was only from the Megauggs site. Others did not give significant results.

By the spring of 2017, I found myself without clients and without websites. We abandoned all projects, only the successful megauggs remained. But failure – uggs, this is a seasonal matter. I had to think about what to do next, but I had about 600 K in my hands, this is taking into account life, and it is cheap for Moscow.

By the summer of 2017, I had spent some of my money on living, and I had a small amount left. I flew back to the Crimea and that was the end of my story with online stores, I did completely different things, but also online. And the site about uggs was also later sold until the next season, but not so expensive.

By the way, I have already written one detailed case/anti-case about online trading business. With numbers, indicators, etc. You can find it in my telegram at this link. Well, you can blame me for leaving a link to my telegram 🙂

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