Happy New Year and Christmas / Habr

Happy New Year and Christmas / Habr

Dear customers, we wish you a happy New Year and Christmas!

Together we mastered neural networks and entered new markets, raised standards and optimized work, improved security and conquered new heights. These are achievements and experiences that we take with us into the future. And may the new year become just as rich, may new ideas, as before, illuminate your path, and may the most ambitious dreams come true.

Well, while December is still on the calendar, we remind you that our gift – a 30% discount when extending the server for a year – is valid until the end of the month. The opportunity to receive it, as well as to participate in the drawing of a MacBook Pro, Flipper Zero and other prizes, is still relevant. Secretly, with a promo code habr15 the discount can be made even more.

And yes, we made a selection with the most important events from the life of RUVDS for 2023:

  1. RUVDS is already in Kazakhstan
  2. New data center in Vladivostok
  3. We placed the first ever site in space
  4. RUVDS enters Turkey
  5. We are introducing new standards of responsibility to customers
  6. The Standoff participants failed to hack the RUVDS satellite server
  7. Star year of RUVDS: cosmonaut Mykhailo Kornienko became the face of our brand
  8. We increased the number of servers by one and a half times in two years
  9. Let’s go!? A new game from RUVDS will allow you to experience the problem of space debris
  10. We have released a new version of the API that supports the OpenAPI 3.0.0 specification

Discounts, prize draws and news about the RUVDS satellite are in our Telegram channel 🚀

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