Google’s Bay View campus turns out to have “terrible” Wi-Fi. Employees switched to Ethernet cables

Google’s Bay View campus turns out to have “terrible” Wi-Fi. Employees switched to Ethernet cables

Artificial intelligence software developers say Wi-Fi has been found to be unstable at the high-tech Bay View campus in Mountain View. As a result, employees had to switch to Ethernet cables or use their own smartphones as routers.

At the same time, the IT giant itself advertises the campus as a place where the latest technology and design are presented, as well as “an environment where everyone has the tools they need to succeed.”

According to six people familiar with the situation, employees had to connect their laptops to Ethernet cables at their workplaces or use smartphones as Wi-Fi hotspots. Upon complaints, managers advised them to go to work in a nearby cafe or on the street.

Google itself tried to solve the problem by releasing new laptops with more powerful Wi-Fi chips.

The company has now confirmed that Bay View is experiencing “connection issues” with Wi-Fi, which it will try to resolve in the coming weeks.

Although it has not publicly stated what caused the malfunctions, employees are sure that it is related to the unique roof of the building, which is wave-shaped, with an area of ​​​​about 55 thousand square meters. m, covered with a layer of innovative solar panels. It is this, in their opinion, that interferes with the passage of the Wi-Fi signal.

Last June, Google began cracking down on those who don’t comply with hybrid work requirements. Yes, the company tracks employees with badges to ensure they come to the office on the days they are supposed to.

It is worth noting that this campus is home to employees working on modern Google projects. One AI engineer noted that Wi-Fi issues are definitely not helping Google get employees back to the office for three days.

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