Google launches a chatbot to search for reference information on services

Google launches a chatbot to search for reference information on services

Google is launching a chatbot called AI Support Assistant to help with the company’s products. It is available on some Google help pages.

If you go to these pages, a message will appear in the lower right corner of the screen: “Hello, I’m the new help desk assistant Al. Talk to me to find answers and resolve your account issues.”

Google notes that “AI is still learning” and that “the help guide may show inaccurate results.” In addition, third-party reviewers can process conversations with the chatbot to improve the quality of its responses. These conversations will not be associated with a Google Account when viewed by reviewers.

You can expand the chat popup to full screen. Once you’ve received an answer, you can like or dislike it to indicate how helpful you found it, and you can click “View the sources of my answers” to see which documents were used. Google will also prompt you to ask additional questions.

The chatbot does not yet work in Google Maps, Messages and Account. For now, it’s only active on Google Play, otherwise the user is prompted to view the offers related to the current support article.

Earlier, Google said that it plans to add the Compose function based on artificial intelligence to the Chrome browser, which will allow users to generate texts on demand. It will be available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

In December, Google introduced the Gemini AI model, which the company intends to build into most of its products.

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