Google improves proactive malware protection for Android devices with real-time code-level scanning

Google improves proactive malware protection for Android devices with real-time code-level scanning

Google has announced improved malware protection for all Android devices with Google Play Services in the form of real-time code-level scanning in Google Play Protect. This is reported by Security Week.

Google Play Protect’s built-in security feature scans over 100 billion apps every day to prevent malware and unwanted apps from entering your Android device.

When it detects malware, Google Play Protect can send a warning, block the app’s installation, or disable the software entirely.

According to Google officials, cybercriminals rely on social engineering to trick users into installing malware outside of Google Play to infect their devices with polymorphic malware.

Google Play Protect can scan devices for malware installed outside of Google Play, alerting users when it detects suspicious software or an app that is known to be malicious.

Google is now expanding the security capabilities of Google Play Protect with real-time code-level scanning that will be triggered when an app is installed, which has never been scanned before.

“The scan will extract important signals from the application and send them to Play Protect’s server infrastructure for code-level evaluation. Once the real-time analysis is complete, users will receive a result that will tell them whether the app appears safe to install or whether the scan has found the app to be potentially malicious.” – Google explained.

The new capability should help detect new threats, protecting users from polymorphic malware that rely on different techniques, including artificial intelligence, to change their functions and avoid detection.

“Our defenses and machine learning algorithms learn from every app that Google submits for review, and we look at thousands of signals and compare app behavior. Google Play Protect is constantly improving with each app identified, allowing us to strengthen protection for the entire Android ecosystem.” – the company said.

The new feature is now available for Android devices with Google Play Services in India, and will roll out to all countries and regions in the coming months.

Google has also recently improved the accessibility of its services for people with disabilities.

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