Google confirmed the layoff of about a thousand engineers (in fact, there may be more)

Google confirmed the layoff of about a thousand engineers (in fact, there may be more)

The crisis caused by the Covid pandemic has hit not only the Google hardware team responsible for the Pixel, Nest and Fitbit products, but also the core engineering team of Google and Google Assistant. Google confirmed to The Verge that it has cut “several hundred” jobs in each of these divisions, meaning it has laid off about 1,000 employees.

And these are just the abbreviations that we know about. The publication asked Google spokeswoman Courtney Mancini to say whether that was the full or total number of job cuts in this round of layoffs, but she stopped short of answering at that stage, only confirming existing reports of massive layoffs in a number of publications, including 9to5Google, Semafor and the New York newspaper. Times, which also reported the layoffs of the engineering team.

Courtney Mancini noted:

“Several of our teams have made changes to become more efficient and perform better. Some teams continue to make organizational changes that include the global elimination of some roles.”

Therefore, the number of dismissed Google employees may be much higher.

As of September 30, 2023, Google’s parent company Alphabet had 182,381 employees, so the roughly 1,000 job cuts would represent only about half a percent of the company’s total workforce. It should be noted that technical employees are mostly subject to layoffs.

Almost every day over the past year, we’ve heard news of mass layoffs and hiring freezes at big tech companies that used to be known for their deep pockets and near-endless employee perks.

So, at the beginning of 2023, Amazon announced the reduction of 18 thousand employees. In March, the company said it would lay off another 9,000 workers with job cuts in HR, advertising, AWS and Twitch.

Meta, after cutting 11,000 workers at the end of 2022, laid off another 10,000 workers in March 2023.

Slightly smaller numbers at Google (12 thousand laid off) and Microsoft (10 thousand).

ProIT previously reported that Amazon is cutting hundreds of jobs at Prime Video and MGM Studios.

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