GitHub Copilot Chat has become publicly available for organizations and individuals

GitHub Copilot Chat has become publicly available for organizations and individuals

On December 29, 2023, GitHub Copilot Chat, a neural network chatbot for developers in Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio, became publicly available to businesses and individuals.

The service works on the basis of GPT-4 and understands requests in most natural languages ​​of users. Copilot Chat resides in the sidebar of the IDE, allowing AI to analyze code in context. The service supports multi-line code completion in languages ​​such as Java, C, C++, C#, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Ruby and Go.

GitHub Copilot Chat is available for free to verified teachers, students, and creators of popular open source projects. Copilot service for other users costs $10 per month, and Copilot Chat is a free add-on to an existing subscription.

GitHub notes that Copilot Chat can provide real-time recommendations, suggest best practices and solutions tailored to the code a developer is currently working on, help analyze code, and troubleshoot security issues.

GitHub explained that GitHub Copilot Chat allows you to transform natural language into a new universal programming language for every developer. Functionality helps in debugging, writing unit tests and debugging code. The solution will become an AI companion, allowing you to write and understand code in any language.

In March, GitHub added new AI services to Copilot under the general name Copilot X. They include GitHub Copilot Chat (an interface for text communication with an AI assistant that can be built into editors like VS Code and Visual Studio), Copilot Voice (an interface that allows you to “say the code by voice”), Copilot for PRs (a tool for automatic generation of descriptions for pool requests), Copilot for CLI (a tool for natural language command line management).

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