Get a job in IT or throw a tantrum? / Hebrew

Get a job in IT or throw a tantrum? / Hebrew

The number of vacancies is falling, the number of people who want to find a dream job is growing disproportionately to the growth of jobs, and the salary at one time is simply stagnating, waiting for the best result… this is how the situation looked in the morning of IT until the end of 2022, if we briefly dive into the statistics.

Although the 22nd year made all of us quite tense, in 2023 life became a little easier. For the entire year, the number of vacancies increased by about 10% compared to 2022, and the number of qualified specialists decreased by almost a quarter. It would seem that this is the time of glory – there is a demand, specialists are needed, no one can do the work. But in reality, everything is not so simple.

It is possible to get a job as a developer, as well as a designer or analyst, but it is difficult. The market has ceased to be free of speech at all. The possibility of working with an open world disappeared. Companies that needed specialists of a narrow profile fled the country. A competition of 1,000 people per place was formed.

No one will tell you exactly how to stand out from the general faceless crowd. You can, as an option, switch to the category of man-orchestra, at the same time mastering tons of information in related specialties, but even this approach is unlikely to increase the chances of employment.

And it is not difficult to guess why everything is happening the way it is. The number of infogypsies and low-quality courses is growing as fast as the number of people willing to master a specialty in a month, by chance accumulating many years of work experience. Hence the stricter filtering of applicants: work experience is almost ignored, while the interview is gradually turning into an EDI.

In general, the situation is quite twofold. It seems that there are jobs, but they are not hiring. After all, despite a large amount of theoretical knowledge, most of the applicants still have little work experience. Most of those who have it either left the country or are already working somewhere.

To make the situation a little more “colorful”, not so long ago State measures were taken to attract foreign specialists from the CIS countries and far abroad to help IT companies with a shortage of personnel. At first glance, the decision is quite healthy, as it will allow companies to return part of the specialists who left. But for now, one can only guess how it will affect the career growth opportunities of novice specialists and competition in the IT sphere, given the already rather difficult situation.

In order not to finally fall into hysteria about the current situation and shed some light on the real problems in employment, our team prepared a full-scale study. If you are working, looking for a job or recruiting in the IT field, you can help other professionals by sharing your experience. All that is needed for this is only 30-40 minutes of your time to participate in the interview. To get acquainted with the details and leave an application for participation, you need to fill out the form below:

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