Ges – single level for Crysis 2007

Ges – single level for Crysis 2007

Spent about two months on the development of the level with the hydroelectric plant (Mission “GES”). The result was a level for 20-30 minutes of completion.

According to the plot, the American army loses the war with Korea. The American leadership takes the initiative to capture one of the main structures of the Korean invaders. One of the goals was a hydroelectric plant. The main character will have to sneak into the base and destroy all enemy artillery.

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Ideas for location

In order to create an interesting and memorable location that can be built from the resources provided by the original game, time was taken to find the main structure. The eye fell on the Krasnodar HPP.

Level structure

The level was designed to be rectilinear. The first locations are sandboxes. The player can go through these locations stealthily or fight his way through. If the player chooses the second path, then enemy reinforcements arrive. Next, a sniper location awaits the player, a miniboss with super soldiers, and at the end of the level, a tank that must be destroyed with dynamite.

Alternated battles with locations where the player can rest from the completed combat sections.

I decided to make cutscenes from the first person to give effect to what is happening on the screen. I managed to make 10 cutscenes in the first iteration of the level, the number of which dropped to 5 in the final iteration, because I decided to put more emphasis on the gameplay than on the cinematography.

If the player is spotted by an enemy at the player’s sandbox location, reinforcements in the amount of 4 soldiers, one of which is a machine gunner, will arrive.

Gameplay on locations

On the bridge of the hydroelectric plant, the player encounters a scripted moment with a plane blowing up the location. This allows you to believe in the destruction that has already been done on location. At the sniper location, the player will have to go through the snipers on the towers, or you can bypass them from the other side by jumping into the water and reaching the climb to bypass.

At the next location, the player is met by a miniboss consisting of seven super soldiers. Their abilities are identical to the player’s. They can use invisibility, strength to increase damage, climb to and descend from high spaces. Navigation modifications are used for AI operation in such spaces.


After getting to grips with the original Crysis’s level editor, I’d say it has its issues. A large number of departures while working on the level, not very convenient use of virtual space can discourage you from working in it. But what cannot be denied is that you can make really interesting levels with different gameplay.

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