GeForce 9600 GT, keyboard from Apple and vintage radios

GeForce 9600 GT, keyboard from Apple and vintage radios

Hello, Habre! This is my first post of the new year, but the photos in it are from 2023, the fact is that right before the holidays I managed to visit a flea market (I will remind you, it is near Valencia), but I can’t talk about it. But such material does not get old, so I am publishing it now. As always, the artifacts at the flea market were interesting, there were a couple of mysterious items, the purpose of which, as always, we will try to guess at the end of the article. Well, let’s go.

First, traditionally, videos about what flea markets in Spain look like – almost all of them are like this.

The GeForce 9600 GT video card happened to me first. It was released in 2008, and I remember how I wanted to buy it. I think I even bought it, but not right away. Here are its characteristics:

  • Core: G94 (D9P)
  • Technical process, nm: 65
  • Transistors, million: 505
  • Core operating frequency, MHz: 650
  • Operating frequency of shader blocks, MHz: 1625
  • Shader blocks: 64
  • Memory operating frequency (DDR), MHz: 900
  • Memory bus: GDDR3 256-bit
  • Memory capacity: 512/1024
  • PSP, GB/s: 57.60
  • Shaders Model: 4.0
  • Fill Rate, Mpix/s: 10400
  • Fill Rate, Mtex/s: 20800
  • DirectX: 10.0
  • Interface: PCI-E 2.0

By the way, there is even news about her on Habra,

here she is

. At that time, there was no detailed information about it, but gamers expected a lot. If you have had it, tell us how it lived up (or not) to expectations.

Then came the Sapphire HD 4870 video card (1G GDDR5 PCI-E). It also came out in 2008, and

the news about her is also on Habra

, and from this author. The novelty from AMD received 512 MB of GDDR5 video memory with a bandwidth of 3.6 Gbit/s and a 256-bit interface. The RV770 processor, under which AMD developed the entire Cinema 2.0 concept, operates at a frequency of 750 MHz.

Next – a keyboard for poppy growers, but I don’t know if it’s an original from Apple or a device from a third-party manufacturer. It looks not bad, apparently, it is quite convenient to work on such. If you have met – tell me, it’s interesting. There is a price sticker on the box that also came with the keyboard, the keyboard was sold at a price of 39 euros.

A little later, another keyboard arrived – this one, apparently, has already been sharpened under gamers. Cool accessory.

Then – such a helicopter, under it – a box with another, new one. There are many such flying machines at the flea market, I remember a few years ago I bought a couple in working condition, they brought a lot of joy to the children of my friends. And I played a little.

And another helicopter. This one is right in the box, not the cardboard box. It also looks like a toy, but probably more expensive than the one above.

There is also a copter – it also looks like a worker. I also bought copters, all of them turned out to be workers. Who throws them out and why is a mystery.

Many different laptops, both completely vintage and somewhat relatively modern. Modern office tasks are quite attractive. By the way, I bought laptops several times at a flea market, some of them were completely working, they just needed to be cleaned, some of them were not, but I was able to repair them. Well, there are more of those that are completely broken, but either the display is in working condition, or the motherboard, or in general everything is working, but the case was not suitable for anything. Pity the technique.

We found several batteries for old Apple laptops. Some batteries I buy – hoping to restore, what even

wrote a whole post

. But when many are the same, they are more likely to be thrown away by the service center after replacement in the client’s laptop.

Here’s another webcam. Brand new, I looked at how much it costs at an online flea market (local), they sell it from 6 euros to 20, whatever. To be honest, I’ve never encountered it, I don’t know if it’s good or not. The Microsoft manufacturer, sold on many resources until now, says that it is possible to record high-quality 720p True HD video, 30 frames per second. As far as can be understood, it is not quite vintage, although it is still sold today.

There were very few game consoles, but I found such cartridges for Nintendo. The seller asked for 30 euros for each, but it seemed that there were none worth it, and the price was too high, I did not buy, even though I wanted to. I have always breathed unevenly towards such gaming devices.

Many cameras, perhaps there is something of value among all this variety. But I’m not an expert, maybe one of the readers will tell me.

A very old both morally and physically robotic vacuum cleaner from iRobot. Such accessories are often found. One, from 2018, also from iRobot, bought for 25 euros for everything. It turned out that the battery lasts as good as new, and the vacuum cleaner works perfectly – I now have two of them. They take it normally.

Lots of displays for mobile phones. As far as I understand, this service center threw away a lot at once, production waste, so to speak. It is unlikely that anyone will buy them, there is nothing valuable.

The audio mixer looks good, just wipe off the dust. Maybe in working order. It has 6 mono channels, 1 stereo, has a USB port, supports MP3, WAV and WMA. They are sold at online flea markets for 45 euros, maybe someone still works with them?

I also saw such interesting D/V remote controls, it seems to be from a VCR, although I could be wrong. No longer worth anything.

Sewing machine with an electric motor. Probably, someone sewed a lot of clothes with her help, it looks very good.

Several old radios. Connoisseurs buy them – a Spanish acquaintance of mine, he is already 75 years old, in the past – a communications engineer (he even has a gift picture from NASA), sometimes buys similar ones and restores them. By the way, he has a full garage of radio lamps, many of which are even in packaging.

What is this thing?

As usual, there were a few devices and devices that I don’t understand or can only guess at. Let’s try together.

Piece #1.

This is such a retro device, it should not be confused with anything. The only thing is, I didn’t understand what kind of device at the output. I have never seen such a thing. Meat grinder, right?

Piece #2.

Some modules look quite modern. Has anyone encountered?

Piece #3.

A remote control for irrigation? Is it something medical? And below is something definitely related to water.

Piece #4.

Also a thing of unclear purpose. It is worn on the head, but clearly not video glasses.

Piece #5. I do not understand at all what it is, there are no assumptions. It is written that you need to read the instructions before use.

Well, things are over, and so is fasting. All the best and all the holidays. Do not switch!

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