Garage, CRT, PS … In a word – nostalgia in the city of B

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A post about creating a retro-themed computer room in a garage has inspired others to do the same. The writer wanted to recreate the atmosphere of computer rooms from the early 2000s, when local area networks, cheat codes, and computer game rooms were the norm. After searching for a suitable location, the author found an old garage that could be converted. Repairs included insulation, decoration, and adding electrical outlets. Soon, the room was fully equipped with four computers, CRT monitors, and gaming consoles. The total cost of labor was approximately 400,000 rubles.

Garage, CRT, PS … In a word – nostalgia in the city of B

This post is the motivation of enthusiasts, this post gave me that motivation.

The case was at the end of the summer of 2022 in the city Barnaul. I was once again struck by the nostalgia of the times of zero, how cool and atmospheric it was, the time of lokaloks, cheat codes on leaflets and on the covers of diaries, money spent in computer rooms, which was intended for a trip to the pool or savings from dinners.

CheMax, the legendary program

So what am I talking about? Yes, a garage.

I wanted to bring back the same atmosphere of the computer rooms, I started looking for rooms, and not just rooms, but basements, with a huge battery along the contour and with blue walls. I guessed that the attendance would not be great, given that the city is sparsely populated, plus the time is not the same, the content will stick only for moments, and not on a permanent basis. In this regard, the costs will go in arithmetic progression.

But then I realized that I have my own garage, although there is a lot of junk there, and the walls are bare bricks, in general, it will be possible to sit there only in the summer. Soon a thought came to me: hmm, I wonder if anyone has made a computer room in their garage? Probably, there are such enthusiasts abroad, as it turned out, we also have them.

I was very surprised at how much trouble it took to organize such a wonderful garage. There was a huge motivation to do the same in myself. After 3-6 days, I started.

It was natural to make such a garage with the aim of sitting around and returning the atmosphere, there was no purpose to make money from it and there will not be.

Garage to and my former “rocket”

There was a lot of work, I started with the base – repairs. The repair included decoration, insulation and the manufacture of covers for the inspection pit and cellar. Garage ~9x3m.

The most important issue is the one-time consumption of electricity. Our garage cooperative is ancient and from Soviet times, so it was beaten so thoroughly, even now no one cares about any improvements. The power lines are weak, as the electrician (aka the cooperative’s energy engineer) assures, it was agreed that the load should not exceed 5 kW.

Based on calculations that there will be 8 PCs, each of which will consume approximately 200W, I decided to take a 3kW electric boiler, 1kW per Ten.

I also bought such a device on the street, a very convenient thing that helps to monitor the load in real time.

He removed all the garbage from the garage, swept it, gave it to the workers with a turnkey car.

The team of workers from Avito is a separate topic, there are no comments here. Repairs were made for about 2 months.

The final result of the repair

The next stage was the purchase of PCs and CRT monikers. The first 4 PCs were collected and tested on the same day.

I dug up a little for heating – installed it. Then everything went very fast, rolled. I took one sofa from home (unnecessary), bought a carpet for the floor, fixed the doors of the workers, bought a PC and monikers, bought chairs for the car, made several tables, set up the network, bought a PS1 slim, a video player and a few cassettes, a friend gave me a TV, and I began to call friends.

We fix shoals in a protective mask made of a plastic bag

The first hack in CS 1.6

Notches in PS1 slim

Soon, a good friend found a bunch of gaming posters and stickers.

Now the garage looks something like this:

Regular visitors

The video was shot on a VHS national m7 camera. Be careful there is a mother in the video.

For financial information: the total cost of labor was approximately 400k rubles. But it’s worth it.

I got my zeros back, albeit not completely.

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If you have any ideas / wishes / questions – write, I will take everything into account.

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