Fujitsu has reported a major cyber incident in its IT infrastructure with a data leak

Fujitsu has reported a major cyber incident in its IT infrastructure with a data leak

Fujitsu has reported that several of its IT systems have been infected with malware. The Japanese company warned that attackers had stolen customer data.

Fujitsu’s annual revenue is $23.9 billion. The company ranks sixth in terms of the volume of IT services in the world. The company has 124,000 employees worldwide.

Fujitsu’s portfolio includes computing products including servers and storage systems, software and telecommunications equipment. In addition, the company provides a number of services, including cloud solutions, system integration and IT consulting.

Fujitsu operates in more than 100 countries around the world and also collaborates with the Japanese government, implementing public sector projects and participating in government-funded R&D projects. The company plays a crucial role in Japan’s national security.

The latest major cyber incident compromised Fujitsu’s systems and data, including sensitive customer information. The company’s specialists confirmed the presence of malicious software on several corporate computers. An internal investigation revealed that files containing personal customer data may have been illegally deleted.

After confirming the presence of malicious software, experts quickly isolated the affected corporate devices and took measures, increasing the monitoring of other corporate computers. The company intends to continue the investigation to find out how the malware penetrated the business systems and what data was stolen.

Fujitsu has informed the Personal Information Protection Commission of Japan about the incident. The company also plans to send individual messages to customers affected by the leak.

In May 2021, attackers used the Fujitsu ProjectWEB information sharing tool to hack into the systems of several Japanese government agencies. As part of unauthorized access, criminals stole 76,000 e-mail addresses and other confidential data.

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