FSTEC of Russia 50 years

FSTEC of Russia 50 years

On December 18, 2023, the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEC of Russia) celebrates its half-century anniversary.

FSTEC of Russia is the legal successor of the State Technical Commission of the USSR, which was established in December 1973. Today, it is FSTEC of Russia that is responsible for the organization of ensuring the protection (not by cryptographic methods) of information,
contains information that constitutes a state secret, other information
with limited access, preventing its leakage by technical means
channels, unauthorized access to it, special effects on
information (information carriers) for the purpose of its extraction, destruction,
distortion and blocking of access to it on the territory of Russia.

In the space of Habra, you can find materials related to the certification of software products according to the requirements of FSTEC of Russia, and the attestation of informatization objects, and the protection of personal data, and many others. Today, it is difficult to imagine software developers who would not know and would not be guided in their work by certain guiding documents of FSTEC of Russia.

It is difficult to overestimate your merits in protecting the information security of the state.

I sincerely congratulate the entire staff and veterans of FSTEC of Russia on the half-century anniversary and wish them all the best.

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