From May 1, 2024, Rostelecom will increase its tariffs for connection services and traffic bypass for operators by 10%

From May 1, 2024, Rostelecom will increase its tariffs for connection services and traffic bypass for operators by 10%

As of May 1, 2024, the state-owned company Rostelecom, with the approval of the Ministry of Digital Affairs, is raising by 10% its tariffs for voice and mobile traffic connection services for the rest of the operators of the Russian Federation due to “economic changes of the last two years.” RTK plans to spend the additional money received from this increase on the development of its communication networks, as well as to compensate for the current inflationary processes, due to which the company’s budget does not have the necessary economic incentives to increase the efficiency of its activities.

On March 15, 2024, the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation registered the order of the Ministry of Digital Affairs dated December 25, 2023 No. 1140 “On establishing the maximum maximum prices for connection services and traffic bypass services provided by PJSC Rostelecom”, instead of the order of Rossvyaz dated August 28, 2016, establishing the maximum maximum prices for connection services and traffic bypass services provided by “Rostelecom” from September 20, 2019″. The order is valid until March 1, 2028.

A representative of the press service of the Ministry of Digitization informed the mass media that the new order approves the maximum cost limit for connection services and passing traffic, adjusting the prices taking into account inflation. This is standard procedure. The last price change was in 2019. It can affect only communication operators who use Rostelecom’s networks, and should not be reflected in tariffs for citizens,” the department informed the media and explained that the establishment of limit prices for the passage of traffic is carried out at the request of operators of fixed (wired) telephone lines. communication, the share of which in the market of fixed communication services in the entity or on the territory of Russia is at least 25%.

Fixed and mobile operators pay each other a small amount each time (from 0.2 rubles to 1.8 rubles per minute) when their subscribers make calls between networks and skip mobile traffic – this is an interconnect service. The tariff for this service from mobile operators to Rostelecom is set by the state at the direction of the Ministry of Digital Affairs.

A representative of Rostelecom clarified to the mass media that the cost of this service had not been reviewed for more than three years. According to the company, it has been below the level of economically justified costs for a long time. In 2021, Rostelecom planned to increase tariffs by 6.5%, but this process was never launched.

Experts in the industry believe that the problem here is at the legislative level, since “the current system of communication organization in the Russian Federation was invented in the era of analog networks and has already become deeply archaic, since mobile operators can transmit voice over IP,” which has been used by the majority of subscribers for a long time.

Rostelecom itself is the initiator of the tariff increase. The new approved prices will be applied to settlements between Rostelecom and the joining operators.

Prices have not changed since 2019, and indexation is carried out taking into account justified costs and existing economic factors, Rostelecom explained. In this case, we are talking about a 10% indexation of the cost of traffic forwarding services at the zonal level of operators joining the Rostelecom network within the framework of interoperator interaction under the relevant contracts, the company says.

MTS responded to the mass media that the company is “evaluating the possible impact of price increases on its own costs and the impact on subscribers.” At the same time, the communications operator acknowledges the increase in the cost of infrastructure maintenance: “MTS has a sufficient resource of its own trunk networks and, if possible, will optimize costs due to the use of its capacities.” Megafon declined to comment, Beeline and Tele2 did not respond to the media.

According to experts, the increase in tariffs of “Rostelecom” is connected not only with inflation, but also with the growth of the company’s expenses for equipment and wages. Telecom representatives explained to the mass media that due to the increase in tariffs, the cost of passing voice traffic will also increase. First, B2O costs (the business of the operators themselves) will increase, then changes will affect the cost of final consumer services. According to experts, subscribers should expect an increase in final tariffs from telecommunications operators within the framework of inflation, but up to 10%.

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