Freecycle suffered a massive data breach of 7 million users

Freecycle suffered a massive data breach of 7 million users

Online forum Freecycle has confirmed a massive data breach affecting more than 7 million users.

The nonprofit discovered the breach weeks after the attacker put the stolen data up for sale on a hacking forum and urged affected people to change their passwords immediately.

Freecycle said the stolen information included usernames, user IDs, email addresses and MD5-hashed passwords.

According to screenshots released by the hacker selling the stolen information, Freecycle founder and CEO Deron Beal’s credentials were stolen during the incident, giving the hacker full access to member information and forum posts.

“On August 30, we became aware of a data leak on Therefore, we advise all participants to change their passwords as soon as possible.” Deron Beal warned.

Those who use the same credentials on other online services have also been advised to change them to prevent account hacking.

To reset your Freecycle password, you can use one of two methods: in your profile settings, scroll down to the “Password Reset” section, or reset your password via email.

Users should be aware of delays (up to one hour) affecting the password reset process via email, as “the Freecycle email system is very busy at this time.”

“Although most email service providers do a good job of filtering spam, you may find that you receive more spam than usual.” – noted in the organization.

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