Free course Base Cloud Security / Habr

Free course Base Cloud Security / Habr

Greeting! If you’ve been wanting to learn cloud cybersecurity, we have a beginner’s course. It has 12 lessons that will help you understand IS and 4 main sections (from network protection to compliance features).

The course is suitable for:

  • novice IT administrators,

  • novice cyber security specialists,

  • and just beginners who want to learn more about IS.

You will get acquainted with the key concepts in IS, learn how to ensure the security of computer networks, organize secure data transmission, why you need firewalls and how they work. Learn the main types of attacks and how to protect against them. Get acquainted with the features of multi-factor authentication, ways to protect mobile devices, learn about cyber hygiene and compliance features.

What does the course consist of?

Chapter 1 — Network Security

  • Lesson 1. Basics of network technologies

  • Lesson 2. Inter-network screens

  • Lesson 3. How to resist DDoS

  • Lesson 4. VPN and remote work

Chapter 2 — Application-level protection

Section 3 – User Protection

  • Lesson 1. Multifactor authentication

  • Lesson 2. Modern protection of end devices

  • Lesson 3. MDM mobile device management

  • Lesson 4. Cyber ​​hygiene, basics

  • Lesson 5. Cyber ​​hygiene, continued

Bonus section

How to get to the course

Just register using the link.

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