Formula of an ideal IT event

Formula of an ideal IT event

Hello, Khabr is in touch!

We see that companies often publish announcements of events for e-tishniks, and when you read them, you probably think: “it sounds good, but if it was… (offline/shorter/cheaper/in the Bahamas, etc.), then I would go “. We became curious: what should an IT event be so that you cannot resist it?

Let’s try together to derive the formula of the coolest IT event: for this we ask you to take a short (really short, 14 questions) survey.

There is an open question in the questionnaire: in a couple of weeks we will share the most interesting answers from it in an update to this article, so bookmark it.

So that in your answers you follow the voice of the heart, and not the inner “frog”, we immediately note that our ideal event is FREE. But let’s agree: we want the event to be interesting to you on its own, and not as “under any pretext to go wild at sea”, right?


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