Finnair asks passengers to voluntarily weigh themselves before the flight

Finnair asks passengers to voluntarily weigh themselves before the flight

The Finnish airline Finnair has introduced voluntary weighing of passengers before boarding a flight. The goal of the project is to update data on the weight of aircraft along with cargo, The Guardian reports.

Although each aircraft has a fixed maximum weight that cannot be exceeded for flight safety, the weight of passengers and their carry-on baggage is calculated based on average passenger data. These data are updated once every five years.

Finnair records the weight of passengers and their hand luggage together, and the results of the weighings, which will continue until May, will be sent to the Finnish transport and communications agency Traficom, which will be used to calculate the balancing and loading of aircraft from 2025 to 2030.

Finnair says passenger weight data is kept confidential, and those who agree to take part are thanked with a small gift in the form of a reflective luggage tag. In two days, the company found 600 volunteers.

“Our customers responded positively to the request, although we were surprised by how many people agreed to participate,” Finnair spokeswoman Suvi Aaltonen said.

Satu Munnukka, Finnair’s head of ground operations, added that the information is collected for security purposes only and “is in no way linked to the customer’s personal data”.

“We record the total weight and additional information about hand luggage, but we don’t ask for names or ticket numbers, for example. The total weight can only be seen by the support staff working at the weighing point, so passengers can take part in the study with peace of mind.”

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