Find a job through Telegram

Find a job through Telegram

Recently, colleagues from the HR department discussed the topic of platforms for searching for candidates. The good old friend is still relevant, of course, but the search area has begun to expand. Telegram is now not just a messenger, but a new platform for finding personnel. Yes, yes, do not be surprised, even though the flair of something dark and forbidden has taken hold behind him, there is legal work there.

From the recruiter’s point of view

HeadHunter is still the key platform for searching for candidates in Russia, along with Khabr and LinkedIn. And yet, there are often situations when either the requirements for the vacancy are too high, or all possible applicants for the higher positions have already been selected.

Another trick is that candidates in passive search often use the HH “hide resume” function. Accordingly, the recruiter cannot physically find this person, even if he fits all the parameters.

Why visa?

Now it is one of the most popular work tools, many chat rooms and information communities have migrated there. That is, a person spends most of the day in the messenger. From personal experience: feedback is faster there and there are candidates that you will not meet on other job sites.

Passive scrolling

If the developer is not actively looking for a job, but just occasionally browses, then it is easier to do this in TG channels, periodically waiting for offers without publishing a resume. With such a schedule, it is easier for a recruiter and a developer to meet in Telegram than at the same HH.

Where to go?

It all depends on the request. There are both general channels and narrower channels for each stack. Here are examples of channels our recruiters use:
These are the largest channels where all IT professionals are represented. You can also use a bot to search for channels, our HR uses this one @searchforchatsbot.

If you have moved or just want to relocate, these channels will be relevant to you:

How to check vacancies?

In large channels, all vacancies are moderated. Must be published:

  • salary fork

  • link to the company’s website

  • full name of the company

The risk of encountering fraudsters in such channels is very small, otherwise the “unpleasant smell” of the vacancy can be considered at the interview itself and not be passed further.

Finally, we share a life hack:

If you come across an interesting vacancy, you can try to kill the conditions or the description of the project in Telegram search. There is a chance that it is placed in different channels from different recruiters, so there may be a different pay fork. Choose the one that is more interesting 🙂

If you are interested, we write about recruiting in IT here

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