Favorite accessories from Microsoft will now be produced under the Incase brand

Favorite accessories from Microsoft will now be produced under the Incase brand

Microsoft discontinued PC accessories last year, but its popular keyboards, mice and headsets are getting a new lease of life thanks to Incase.

The company, which specializes in the production of bags and covers for laptops, has signed an agreement with Microsoft to revive the beloved accessories under the new banner Incase Designed by Microsoft, reports PCWorld.

This means you can now purchase your favorite Sculpt ergonomic keyboard or the Wireless Desktop 850 wireless mouse with the leaf-shaped Incase logo replacing the usual Microsoft logo.

The line of devices confirmed for release under the new Incase Designed by Microsoft brand:

  • Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop (keyboard, mouse, number pad).
  • Sculpt Comfort Desktop (keyboard, mouse).
  • Wireless Comfort Desktop 5050 AES (keyboard, mouse).
  • Wireless Desktop 850 (keyboard, mouse).
  • Wireless Desktop 900 (keyboard, mouse).
  • Wired Desktop 600 (keyboard, mouse).
  • Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard.
  • Ergonomic Keyboard.
  • Wired Keyboard 600.
  • Bluetooth Keyboard.
  • Designer Compact Keyboard.
  • Bluetooth Number Pad.
  • Mobile Mouse 1850.
  • Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse.
  • Bluetooth Mouse.
  • Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse.
  • Modern Mobile Mouse.
  • Modern Wireless Headset.
  • Modern USB Headset.
  • Modern USB-C Headset.
  • Modern USB-C Speaker.
  • Audio Dock.
  • Modern Webcam.

This move seems like a win-win: users will get their usual accessories, Incase will be able to expand its offerings without spending on developing new products, and Microsoft will get accessories at a price lower than the expensive Surface brands.

It’s important to note that specific release dates and prices for the accessories have yet to be announced, but we can expect them to come out as early as 2024.

We previously reported that Microsoft is preparing the next-generation AI-focused Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6 with Arm chips and design updates.

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