Engineers, come here

Engineers, come here

Friends, this year at the technical article competition “Technotext” held by Habr, we offered our nomination – “Engineering approach”. It describes the technical field in which engineers work, their tools, tasks, and most importantly, approaches to solving perplexing problems. It is not only about methods and tools, but also about the ability to find elegant solutions for non-trivial situations casually and without losing a sense of humor.

Details about our criteria and the prize for the winner are below.

About the nomination

IT is an extremely broad field with a large number of specializations. Therefore, in our nomination, we want to cover cases solved by you from different directions. In this sense, the engineering approach is a community of like-minded people who can and will accurately deal with technical problems. We hope that our nomination will help express both young and established authors, and most importantly, demonstrate the technical leadership of engineers.

Here are the texts for the “Engineering approach” nomination:

  1. Description of a complex problem. If the problem is at the interface of technologies, this will be an advantage.

  2. In your story, you choose an unconventional path and clearly describe the solution process.

  3. Your decision is a method of trial and error, a unique track where you test hypotheses and find a way out. It’s difficult for you, but you’re coping – tell me about it!

  4. The text is accompanied by illustrations: the photos must be clear, the codes must be error-free.

  5. A sense of humor is always welcome: we are for drive and moving!

  6. The only limitation is development. Unfortunately, we will not consider the texts of the developers. Devopsers, you are welcome 🙂

We accept texts on the topic written from January 1, 2023 to April 14, 2024. Everything, except translations and rewrites of other people’s articles. Submit your applications on the competition website!

As a prize, the winner will receive something that does not happen often – money. The author of the best text will receive 120,000 rubles (transfer of funds is possible only within the territory of the Russian Federation).

Good luck!

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