Employees of the American division of Sega create a trade union

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Sega of America employees in California have submitted an application for trade union elections. The largest of its kind in the gaming industry, the Allied Employees Guild Improving Sega (AEGIS) was created after over a year of development in partnership with the Communications Workers of America. The new union brings together individuals from QA, localization, technical support, marketing, and development. The unionization process has not seen anti-union behaviour from Sega of America management, and union organizers hope the company’s Japanese parent will recognize the union voluntarily. Other game developers that have unionised include Proletariat, Raven Software and Activision Blizzard.

Employees of the American division of Sega create a trade union

Employees at Sega of America in Irvine, California, submitted an application regarding trade union elections. The new Allied Employees Guild Improving Sega (AEGIS) is partnered with the Communications Workers of America (CWA) and brings together employees from QA, localization, technical support, marketing and development, making AEGIS the largest union in the gaming industry. .

The creation of a union at Sega has been underway for over a year. According to Emma Geiger, one of the members of the union, remote work and separate departments created difficulties in the initial stages:

“Unification begins with friendship. For example, you have a couple of people on your team that you hang out with after work. Then you notice someone in the office who is not on your team but works in the same office and you help them. Such connections help.”

Sega of America isn’t the first game studio to unionize. Previously Raven Software, a subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, held a series of promotions within the company after her QA team united due to cuts in departments. Another QA department, this time at Activision Blizzard’s studio in Albany, similarly united at the end of last year. Activision Blizzard’s third studio, Proletariat, tried join a trade unionbut withdrew the application through opposition from the management.

Union organizers said they have not encountered any anti-union behavior from management and hope that Sega of America and its Japanese parent company will voluntarily recognize the union.

In the Russian Federation, there is a federal law N10-ФЗ “On trade unions, their rights and guarantees of activity”. It states: “Everyone who has reached the age of 14 and is engaged in labor (professional) activity has the right to create trade unions to protect their interests, to join them, to engage in trade union activities and to leave trade unions.” This is implemented freely, without prior permission, and legal registration of trade unions is no longer mandatory.

We urge IT specialists of the Russian Federation to use the right to association and become an activist our trade union.

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