Elon Musk insults old-timer Twitter, and superhype is rising around superconductors

Elon Musk insults old-timer Twitter, and superhype is rising around superconductors

Almost all the most important and interesting financial news in Russia and the world for a week: why foreign businesses in the Russian Federation use the “possum strategy”, QIWI-bank has problems with the Central Bank, the State Duma fights with foreign mail addresses, and Sam Altman launched an “eye” crypt.

Financial news from Russia, unfortunately, mostly does not correspond to the spirit of Habra. So you can read the full text version of this news release here, or watch the video.

Dedollarization of ATMs

“Izvestia” called the largest Russian banks and found out that almost all of them stopped allowing cash dollars/euros to be deposited through their ATMs (through the cash register – you can). Like, only extra costs for the maintenance of all this unfriendly currency, and no benefit from the point of view of profit!

Except that Tinkoff solved this problem “ingeniously”: they left the option of accepting currency at ATMs, but for a modest fee of 5% of the amount. Don’t like it – just go to the nearest cash desk of the Tinkoff physical office and deposit there for free! (Lol.)

Raiffeisen went even further and banned the acceptance and purchase of currency even in its cash registers. De-dollarization and de-eurization continues to march across the country, in short.

The skill of choosing picks from the guys from TARS is my respect! [Фото Ярослава Чингаева / ТАСС]

Foreign business owners in the Russian Federation were offered two seats

The German automaker Volkswagen released a half-yearly report with information that it finally sold its Russian daughter for 125 million euros. As of January 2022, this business was valued at approximately $1.5 billion. On the one hand, a 90% discount works out; on the other hand, the guys from Danone are probably jealous of this now!

In general, foreign owners of Russian businesses found themselves in an unenviable dilemma:

  1. You will try to sell everything and forget it like a bad dream – you will get a curly nose (or nothing at all: see Danone and Carlsberg).

  2. You will continue to work as before – you will be whispered about and canceled in the West.

In this fight-or-flight choice, some have decided that the very norm of strategy is possum defense. That is, you pretend to be dead and try to hide it as much as possible – maybe they will forget about you and carry it away; and there after a few years, you see, the situation itself will somehow become soggy. The British from Unilever announced this plan last week: for example, “We will not invest in the development of business in the Russian Federation, but we are not going to leave either.”

If some opossums read me, then no offense, please. You are dear guys, good for you!

The Central Bank insulted the bird (no, this is not news about Musk)

A week earlier, the Americans had not had time to break the Unistream payment system with sanctions, as last week the Central Bank of the Russian Federation itself took on Qiwi (especially popular among Russian cryptans and gamers) and issued them some mysterious “prescriptions for violations”. As a result, since July 26, Kiwi Bank limited the withdrawal of funds from wallets to one thousand rubles per month (you can still spend money in stores with their card without restrictions).

Owners of Qiwi-wallets now be like

In the Kiwi Bank itself, they are still bragging and saying something like “we are not fed up, and we have not seen anything like this, let’s break through!”. But customers, of course, step up little by little.

Interbank transfers in rubles will become free

The State Duma passed a law according to which Russians will have the right to transfer up to 30 million rubles to themselves in other banks. per month absolutely free.

To be honest, I don’t remember the last time I paid a Russian bank for a ruble payment for details – but maybe I’ve just been spoiled for the last 10 years by favorable conditions regarding salary projects and premium service. Although no, I’m lying, in 2014 I somehow paid 5% for a ruble transfer – but not between banks, but within one bank…

In any case, this is good news in terms of bank usability.

They decided to save Russian Internet users from the pernicious Gmail

And another law passed: from now on, it will not be possible to register on Russian resources using foreign email addresses. Only Russian mail, only hardcore! And also by phone number, through the State Services, or using biometrics (by a strange coincidence, all these methods allow the state to easily identify any citizen in the network with three clicks).

I look forward to the next law that will establish access to the Internet only for those who have purchased special stamps from Cybermail of Russia

They also say that the accounts that you managed to sneakily register for banned foreign e-mails will continue to work. The law is likely to go into effect in December (it still needs to be signed by the president), so grab the last chance to sign up trump legacy accounts.

Found a million – drank – to prison!

One dude in Moscow accidentally “lost” a package with 1 million rubles, and another accidentally found it and was amused. But not for long – as a result, he was arrested and sentenced to 10 years for theft.

The moral along the way is as follows: if you find someone else’s loot – don’t touch it, it’s more expensive for yourself!

Heading “Twitters get to know the world”

The rate in the USA is already 5.5%

The US Federal Reserve once again raised the key rate, now it is 5.5% per annum. How long can they keep it at this level? What to do with the state debt, which has to be reborrowed at such interest rates? Everyone else thinks the same thing.

Meanwhile, another bank called Heartland Tri-State Bank with assets of $139 million (that is, a micro-bank, it turns out) closed in the States over the weekend. The state has already promised to reimburse all depositors – regardless of whether they invest within the insurance reimbursement limits or not. On Monday, the bank will open under the banner “Dream First Bank”, which bought it.

XXX times have come in Twitter

Musk continues to resolutely follow the path of rebranding Twitter to X.com. However, in Indonesia, the new Ilon domain was quickly banned – like, “we don’t need to distribute all kinds of porn sites here!!”

Some users of the social network also, ahem, had questions

But the most fun of all is the Twitter dude who has been posting with the trump username @x for 16 years. After the rebranding of Twitter, many speculated whether Musk would buy the name from him for a million dollars. But Elon’s father did something simpler – he selected a username for free, and instead assigned the dude a slightly less handsome @x1234567998765. Well, not completely free – Twitter sent him a letter in the style of “Boy, bastard, let’s send you some merch? Well, come to our office – we will pour you coffee for free, or else there … »

It is not reported in the press whether this e-mail included the postscript “Hey man, I’m Elon Musk, what the hell are you going to do to me??”

Super conductors for super hype

Scientists have long been playing with superconductors – materials that conduct electricity without resistance. Previously, it was possible to make such properties only in any hellish conditions, such as a temperature close to absolute zero (read: “completely impractical, because you can achieve such a thing”).

And here, therefore, Korean scientists announced that they were able to produce the world’s first superconductor that works at room temperature and normal pressure. Techno-optimists immediately declared that now we will finally live humanely: energy from thermonuclear fusion will begin to be distributed in bags almost for free, vehicles will begin to levitate on the streets, and so on.

As they say, “I’m in this picture and I don’t like it”

However, the majority of scientists are still very skeptical: earlier there were many such loud statements about the “superconductors of the future”, which turned out to be fakes or errors.

New crypt for users

Sam Altman (the main dude at OpenAI, who previously wowed the world with ChatGPT) has finally released his long-awaited cryptocurrency, Worldcoin.

The idea of ​​the project is for users to look with their own eyes into a special orb that will scan their unique iris pattern. This type will allow them to be identified on the blockchain, while supposedly remaining anonymous.

True, enterprising Chinese have already begun to buy scans of African irises at 30 bucks a piece, but that’s just details.

Good news of the week

On July 26, the spring session in the State Duma officially ended – the “crazy printer” goes on vacation until September 5 and gives us time to rest from new important laws. And this is good!

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