Elon Musk cynically squeezes a share in Tesla, and the Supreme Court exposed feminist extremism.

Elon Musk cynically squeezes a share in Tesla, and the Supreme Court exposed feminist extremism.

Almost all the most important and interesting financial news in Russia and the world in a week: Kudrina is going to cut his stake in Yandex, IIS will be insured, becoming a native German will now be much easier, and Elon Musk is blackmailing Tesla shareholders by making a T-shirt.

Financial news from Russia, unfortunately, mostly does not correspond to the spirit of Habra. So you can read the full text version of this news release here, or watch the video.

Decudrization of the ownership structure of Yandex

At the end of 2022, Oleksiy Kudrin was offered 5% of Yandex for the fact that he would help launch the company’s “with whom you need” section. He resigned from the government and got a good position at Yandex; But then something went wrong with the process of mitosis of the holding, and the budding division itself will not happen at all.

Well, for this matter, the new future owners of Yandex offered to cut Kudrin’s promised share by 2-3 times, so to 1.5%. I feel that if it continues like this, I will soon have to stay!

“I miscalculated… but where?”

Insure ISukh, insure!

The President of the Russian Federation instructed to develop a broker bankruptcy risk insurance mechanism by March 1 for funds deposited in the new IIS of the 3rd type. Insurance will be according to the classics – 1.4 million rubles per nose.

Naturally, we are not talking about insurance against the market risk of reducing the value of unsuccessful investments; but at least it reduces the probability of losing the investment due to crooked-fraudulent actions of the broker (and this, as I explained in detail here, does not happen so rarely in Russia).

The yuan and lira have slightly increased their paranoia

The press reports that Chinese and Turkish banks have become more cautious about conducting operations for Russian businesses due to fears of secondary sanctions from the US.

Meanwhile, Russian clients of Interactive Brokers experienced a life hack that solves the problem of withdrawing yuan to the Russian Federation (about which I wrote last week): for this, you only need to change the correspondent bank from the Russian Bank of China to the Hong Kong Bank of China. A little counterintuitive, but close…

“Listen, Pats, do our yuan translations still enter or leave Russia?” 🤔

Finally, there is clarity (no) on the main features of LGBT extremism.

A resident of Saratov was issued a report for the rainbow flag published on social networks. In connection with this case, the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation also issued a 19-page decision, where it sincerely gave free rein to imagination and pondered: what exactly is this – a demonstration of the symbolism of this “international LGBT movement”?

In particular, the judges concluded that a characteristic feature of the movement is the use of feminine terms, such as “leader, director, author, psychologist.” Thank God, the main planter of LGBT traditions in Russia, named Ozhegov, did not live to this day – because, I’m afraid, for including “leader” in his dictionary, he would now have every chance to sit down (perhaps with confiscation of property).

Guys, admit it – who accidentally joined an extremist movement in school after reading a feminitive in this grandfather’s dictionary??

Deputy Milonov went even further and in a conversation with Sobchak stated that “feminists, homosexuals and other “Satanisms” should be recognized as extremism, at least in the field of literacy.”

Your face when I accidentally thought about homosexuals and how much I want to fight them. By the way, what is it, and where can I view their list so as not to accidentally use it? 🤔 I’m asking for a friend!

If Oleg was given an offer, he will soon have to register for consular registration

The Government of the Russian Federation has approved various interesting plans regarding migration policy. In particular, there is an idea of ​​mandatory registration in Russian consulates for all Russian citizens living abroad from mid-2025. Why exactly do they want to “count everyone” – until they report something.

For foreigners arriving in Russia, they plan to make a special digital profile using biometrics and genomic registration (?).

Migration news of Europe

In Germany, a law was passed that simplifies obtaining citizenship: now it will not be necessary to renounce the first citizenship, and the passport itself can be obtained after five years instead of eight (sometimes even after three years).

In Cyprus, a law was approved that will allow qualified specialists who come here to receive a Blue Card of the European Union (a card that allows you to change your place of work throughout Europe if you wish).

And less cheerful news: Finnish Defense Minister Antti Häkkiänen promises to ban Russians from any deals with Finnish real estate from the spring of 2024.

Mr. Häkkiänen. It seems that today they came for Russian real estate, and tomorrow they will take the houses of the fish nation!

All Elon Musk needs is money, money, money

In 2022, Elon Musk bought about $40 billion in Tesla stock to buy (and slightly devalue) Hwitter. Now his share in Tesla is only 13% – which, according to Musk himself, is about half as much as he would like.

But it is very easy to fix, according to Elon: the board of directors should simply give him an “insufficient” package of shares (in fact, at the expense of the remaining shareholders). And if not, then Musk will be sad that his share is below 25% and will go saw his artificial-intelligent start-up for growing AGI in one helmet, separately from Tesla.

The person with whom the almost richest man on the planet looks at all the other minority shareholders of Tesla, who do not want to give him a doubling of the share

Apparently, to reinforce the power of the paws of the future priceless AI, Musk posted a video in Hwitter in which his robo-Optimus neatly folds a T-shirt (a task that requires great precision and coordination of movements). However, other residents of Khviter almost immediately suspected that the robot was actually controlled remotely by a person – something that Ilona had to confirm a little later with a clarifying post. I’m looking forward to it – when will Teslabot finally be renamed “Fedora”?

Pupa got the euro mower in stablecoins, and now the EU will scrutinize it.

Two weeks ago, we discussed with you that in the US, the tax service now wants to know about all business deals with Americans in crypto worth more than $10,000.

The European Union scratched its head and decided that it will require its crypto firms to verify all crypto transactions worth more than 1,000 euros.

I look forward to Nabiullina’s statement that transactions with the digital ruble will be tracked with one hundred percent coverage, starting from one digital kopeck and above. We need to rub our noses in the Anglo-Saxons!!

Funny crypto video of the week: Everything was fine until Satashi came along

Jamie Dimon (chairman of JPMorgan) made a powerful statement at the World Economic Forum: “Where did you even get that your Bitcoins are limited? I haven’t met a single kryptan who would consider this a fact!! And in general, how can you check that your Satashi won’t get out tomorrow and turn all these cryptofantics into a pumpkin with demonic howls??”

I take off my hat before diving into the subject. Probably, real Kryptans read my notes on the subject with about the same feelings…

Good news of the week

For the first time since the beginning of 2022, the price index of American shares S&P500 updated its all-time high. And this is good!

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