Easter and invitations to work that you might have missed / Habr

Easter and invitations to work that you might have missed / Habr

This is an article about finding easter eggs in code and what I was able to find. I will show where the searches were, and on which popular sites they were found. Chased!

The purpose of the search was to find something new: some kind of reference, funny comment, or something like that, so I had to spend time searching for that something on my own. And this is what came out of it:

Mainly searches were in three places:

  • In the browser console
  • In the source code
  • In the file robots.txt (to open it, go along the road ваш-сайт/robots.txt)

Couldn’t find anything in the robots.txt file, although there’s a pretty popular easter egg from YouTube, you can go and have a look, it’s still there.

But the browser console, on the contrary, turned out to be rich in Easter, or rather in invitations to work.

I show:

The first Easter from Yandex.Practicum. These guys have placed a huge inscription in their console “PRACTICUM” and wrote “We are cats and we are hiring!”

And if you go to the very code of the page of any course, you can see such an interesting easter egg on line 136:

 <!-- Яндекс — найдётся всё. Может даже ляпы в коде. -->

Yandex.Practicum turned out to be the only Yandex service on which I found a similar comment.

Another service of Yandex – Yandex.Cloud, placed a huge inscription in the console “Join the Yandex Cloud” with a mark “We are hiring!”. However, there is no longer a comment on this platform about possible glitches in the Yandex code.

Notion and Medium placed their logos in the browser console and wrote that they are also hiring. I wonder if anyone actually got an offer after such an announcement?



I show you the last HR attempt, it will be more interesting later) And this is an invitation from Chitai Mista, which also calls for work like this:

Opening the main page of Aviasales, you can see something closer to Easter than just an invitation to work. On line 2338, a comment was found before the scripts:


But still, that’s not what we’re looking for.

Now it’s time to tell about the real Easter egg that was found, and not even one.

All of them were found on the website of Artemiy Lebedev’s design studio and on his personal business card website tema.ru (He turned out to be a person with a sense of humor).

To begin with, we examine the site of the design studio itself, which placed the following reference on the last line of code:

<!-- Шутка про FrontPage такая старая, что ее уже никто не понимает -->

I had to figure out what kind of joke it was. It turned out to be a link to a program Microsoft FrontPage. Microsoft FrontPage it’s old WYSIWYG-editor HTML. It was used on the site and left its metadata in the page code:

<!-- meta name="GENERATOR" content="Microsoft FrontPage 1.0" -->

We managed to find out that after such a mark there were several screens of empty lines, and inexperienced users who, out of habit, went to look at the source code, thought that it was simply not there (it was, but much lower) and started writing to the company’s mail.

Yes, if you open the version of the site, for example for 2019, you can see the following comment at the very end of the source code:

<!-- А ты знаешь, сколько идиотов пишут мне письма, что наверху написано про FrontPage? -->

Let’s go further and examine Lebedev’s personal site and find the following:

<!-- I hope you enjoy reading my source code. -->
<!-- Да, это тот самый сайт, куда половина рунета ходит читать исходники -->
<!-- Yes, this is the website where half the Russian Internet goes to read the source code. I hope you enjoy it too. -->

PS I hope you are the part of Runet that has not yet seen these weekends 🙂

Screenshot from this page:

A little lower, opening the tag tablethe story about the house opens:

<!-- Старый домик был страшен как смертный грех, даром что провисел тут с 1995 по 2002 год.
В августе 2002 года я взял FreeHand, нарисовал в нем домик, распечатал, приложил распечатку к красной пленке, обвел контур, вырезал домик из пленки, провел линейкой, чтобы получился заворот, после чего сфотографировал на цифровик.
Затем в Фотошопе по контуру нарисовал красивого красного цвета, оставив немного живой фактуры, чтобы не выглядело искусственно.
Тень состоит из 7 слоев - это тебе не гауссова размывка на скопированный слой -->

Go to the main page main.html and find the lines:

<!-- Ну вот скажи - ну неужели так интересно читать код? Купи себе лучше книгу, что ли... -->
<!-- ...шли годы... а он все читал и читал исходник... -->

Continuing to examine the code on other pages, we can find the following funny comment:

<!-- Да... тебя не обманешь. Докрутил-таки. Но это ведь такая же через жопу сверстанная страница, как и все остальные на этом сайте. Ничего полезного ты тут не найдешь. -->

Let’s go further:

<!-- Блин, ты в каждую страницу что ли заглядываешь? -->
<!-- Дальше ничего нет. Правда. -->

However, one of the pages ended up without an interesting comment:

<!-- На этой странице обошлось без интересного комментария -->

A hidden class window was also spotted smiley-sad and interesting content, was it hidden through display:none;how to call it and why it is needed is unclear, therefore, removing the property display: none;you can see the following:

That’s all I could find 🙂 Hope you enjoyed it!

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