Due to a bug, when setting the birthday to 01.01.2000 in Twitter, the user’s account was immediately deleted

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A bug in Twitter’s “vague screening” option led to users’ accounts being deleted from the platform if the birth year 01/01/2000 was selected. SB Nation became aware of the flaw after accidentally deleting its corporate account from the social media site. Twitter asks for birth dates as a precaution when users sign up to partners such as alcohol companies. After SB Nation’s account was deleted, the company contacted Twitter to restore it, but was told of a significant backlog in applications. Experts suggested Twitter has become more fragile and warned against changing profile settings or undertaking unusual activities until the platform stabilises.

Due to a bug, when setting the birthday to 01.01.2000 in Twitter, the user’s account was immediately deleted

Due to a bug when setting the birthday on 01.01.2000 in Twitter through the option “vage screening» the user account was immediately deleted from the platform. When trying to go to the profile page, the message “such an account does not exist” appeared.

SB Nation staff encountered an accidental deletion of the company’s account from the social network after a simple action in the settings of the account, which was registered in October 2008.

During the signup process for the adult beverage partner, Twitter asked SB Nation’s corporate account for their date of birth. This social media precaution is to protect all accounts from unwanted advertising. In 2012, Twitter introduced restriction 13+to allow advertising of alcohol companies and other companies on its site. To access such content, the user must be over 13 years old.

SB Nation was not listed on the birthday profile. When attempting to subscribe to adult content, an SB Nation employee was prompted to add a birthday to the account. He did what almost anyone would do in this situation: he picked something at random. The employee added 01/01/2000 as his birthday and clicked save. That was the last time he had access to the account. After that, when going to the SB Nation page on the social network, an inscription “such an account does not exist” appeared.

The company contacted Twitter technical support to restore the account. But there was a long queue of applications. As a result, this complaint was considered in just one week.

A Verge expert was able to replicate this birthday bug with his old personal account created on June 13, 2009. He logged into a long-inactive account and then tried to sign up for an account with adult content. As soon as he pressed the “subscribe” button, a window appeared in which he was offered to update his profile.

“To subscribe to this account, you must provide your date of birth on your profile to ensure you meet the minimum age requirements,” the message said.

Notably, the account already had a date of birth set to May 1995 in order to be over 14 in 2009. But now the system asked to update this data to access the new subscription. Then the user changed the date of birth to 01.01.2000. As soon as he clicked the “save” button, his account was locked with the following message: “our terms of service require that everyone who uses Twitter be over 13 years old, and we determined that you did not meet the minimum age requirement at the time of creation of this account”.

To regain access to his profile, the user had to send his full name, email address and a photo of his driver’s license to technical support. He sent all the necessary data and received a response that the request was received. “Usually we respond within a few days, but in some cases it may take a little longer,” answered tech support. Within a day, his account was restored.

But it was not possible to restore access to the SB Nation account so quickly. Experts attributed this to the fact that now the social network has a huge queue at the support service, and the company has thousands of fewer employees, and everything just moves slower. In their opinion, it could also be a bug in the system that no one knows how to fix.

A few days later, SB Nation received an email from Twitter saying that they had no updates, but that the developers had discovered a bug that caused the account to be deleted. Technical support promised to restore it. The company did not clarify the details of this situation.

After a while, the SB Nation account became available again on Twitter without restrictions. Support has sent confirmation that the account has been restored. Also, the message from the social network contained a warning: “don’t do this again – confusion with the date of birth.” It did not explain why the company had a birthday at all, and why the blocking occurred.

The Verge expert believes that Twitter seems more fragile every day, as if new problems appear faster than anyone can figure out how to solve them. According to him, there is a growing sense among many Twitter users that the company is in the process of a slow (or maybe not so slow) collapse. To avoid accidental blocking or failures with your account on the social network, the expert advised not to change the profile settings and not to do anything unusual in the near future until the platform developers stabilize the situation.

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