Dream workplace

Dream workplace

Hello everybody!

And a special greeting to those who, like me, work remotely. Tell me, did you manage to make your home workplace comfortable? Nothing hurts and falls off by the end of the day? It would seem that mass distancing has entered our lives for quite some time, and most of us have managed to adjust to the new reality during this time. Someone does not bother and wins, others look for options, how not to harm their health. For me, this topic has recently become a concern, and therefore I would like to discuss it with those who care.

So, let’s figure it out!

Fast forward to the time when covid hit and global distancing began. How happy I was then! (Not covid, of course.) I was a second-year student: I sat at home, worked as a freelancer and studied. It just seemed like some kind of fairy tale: you woke up – and in a minute you are already at the lecture. Solid advantages: you sleep longer, you don’t have to pack up and drag yourself across half a city in traffic jams for the peak, a refrigerator and a bed are within walking distance. I put on a fresher sweater, went to the computer – and that’s it, you go to lectures or do practice remotely! A dream, not life! But it turned out that not everything was as rosy as it seemed to the naive me.

Almost immediately it became clear that my desk was not going anywhere. I had an angular bulky monster with a keyboard stand. It is approximately the same as in the photo, only on the right side of the tabletop there is still a tower from the shelves.

I called it the “schoolboy’s table”: there is a place to shove notebooks and textbooks, it’s quite possible to make a house quickly, to drive around for an hour or two in a shooting range until mom screams. But sitting at it for 8 hours a day is a direct dubious pleasure. One of the main drawbacks is that two 24-inch monitors did not fit. And I need exactly that much, otherwise, unfortunately, it is very inconvenient. Another “genius” feature of this table is a retractable shelf for the keyboard. What is wrong with her? But in general, everything: there is no normal support for the hands, and they get tired quickly – that’s one thing. This shelf shakes and turns to and fro, getting on my nerves – it’s two. You can’t move it closer to the table (if only the chair is lowered, but then the legs will be upset) – that’s three. Four take up a lot of space in the room. Basically, I could go on for so long, but I think you get the point.

In short, I got tired of all these sufferings, and I went to the Internet to find out what kind of table is needed for such a sick proger like me. Of course, first of all, the eyes flashed at all kinds of super-addicted smart hi-tech transformers. Here you can adjust the height (if you want to work while standing, if you want to work while sitting), and any accessories are built in (and wireless charging, and different caliber sockets, and a docking station, and speakers). Even induction coffee heating (Well, what do you usually drink there?) is. It is probably not worth even talking about a banal cable outlet, although it is not just any, but with a wire catcher.

Tables, of course, space. As is their price. I put this idea aside to think about it and… changed my mind. First, from the comments of happy owners of adjustable desks, I learned that the vast majority have fun changing sitting and standing positions at work for a week at most. Well, maybe a month. And, I suspect, after buying such a table, I too will join their ranks soon enough. Secondly, the more bells and whistles, the higher the probability that those bells and whistles will start to break. It is much easier to replace an ordinary external USB hub than to understand the one that is sewn into the table. Probably, there are some warranty obligations on the part of the manufacturer, but in practice, I don’t particularly imagine how to send them an entire table for repair without too much trouble.

In general, the sloth and the frog did their job, and I turned to the good old classics. I will reveal a terrible secret. There are only three main parameters of a good computer desk: height, width and depth. All!

  • Depth. Choose a table on which monitors can be placed at a distance of plus or minus half a meter from the eyes. In my case, the width of the table was 75 cm. Both the mat, the keyboard, and the mouse can be laid out without any problems.

  • Height. We push back from our growth. Elbows should be comfortable – not high and not low, provided that your feet are on the floor (although some use a footrest as a life hack when the table and chair are too high).

  • Width. Well, it’s quite simple. What are you going to put on the table? At least one monitor, in my case – two. But, in addition to them, I would like to have a spare for all sorts of things, and, of course, that the elbows fit.

Overall, I found the 180cm width to be more than adequate. A 75x75x180 table was ideal for me. A large rug, two monitors, two laptops and a lamp can be comfortably placed. And every necessary and unnecessary trifle. I’ll put a shelf next to it – it will be beautiful in general!

Although, I repent, thoughts about a smart table did not let go of me until the end, despite all the first and second things that I wrote about above. If I had an unlimited budget, I would not resist such a toy.

Pain number two, which should have been fixed, is the chair. And here everything turned out to be much more complicated. The marathon of suffering to choose a new throne lasted 2 months. There are so many options on the market now! And the richer the assortment, the more difficult it is to make a decision.

So, after rummaging through the Internet on the topic of how to choose a chair, I realized that gaming models are definitely out of the question. In general, even for gamers, they are such an option. All these supports and pillows do not help to find the long-awaited comfort, they, rather, even hinder. And yes, when you sit in such a chair in the showroom, the sensations, of course, can be quite wow. In about 10 minutes, you will not understand which one will get out of it at the end of the working day. But it also looks cool! Just like in a racing car. By the way, it is said that the prototype of such seats were car seats from racing cars. But the trouble is: the goals of a racing chair and a chair in which you have to comfortably spend eight hours at a computer are not close at all. In the computer chair, nothing should prevent you from changing your body position from time to time and giving your tired muscles a rest. The “racing” chair surrounds you from all possible sides and reliably fixes it. You are like in a cocoon. Side pillows “gently” keep you in the center and stop any attempt to shift. So, if you plan to choose a gaming model, I recommend thinking ten times before buying.

You can choose from more or less ordinary office chairs, but it should ideally “fit your figure”. So it will be another quest, to find that one.

It can be an ideal option orthopedic chair. But also not just any. You will also have to choose it carefully, based on your physique. And, unfortunately, only by experience. That is, take it directly and sit down. Sit for a long time. As long as the store employees allow. Of course, the orthopedic chair has many more adjustments, and their range is wider, there is room for maneuver.

I defined several main criteria for myself: height and seat depth, angle slope backs and suitable bend, armrests, reliable cross-piece. Height such that the feet were on the floor, and the angle in the knee was not less than 95 degrees. Depthso that five centimeters remain from the edge of the chair to the bend of the knee. Appropriate bendand ideally in general – lumbar support with adjustment, relieves the spine, back and neck muscles. Armrests will allow the hands to rest (by the way, it is desirable that they be soft, or at least not “oak”). Well and reliable cross — a guarantee that I won’t suddenly end up under the table (I’ve seen what happens when it just splits).

I won’t bother anymore, I chose as a result Samurai KL-2.04. In addition, I wanted the chair to be aesthetic and not stand out from the general style of the apartment. And this model seemed very cute.

By the way, before buying it, I sat in it in the showroom for a total of more than an hour.I’m sorry, consultant seller). Perhaps, as they write in intelligent articles on this topic, it was worth choosing a chair made of mesh material so that the body could breathe, but I must confess that this problem does not bother me in a leather chair either.

And now, a month has passed since the purchase, and I understand that this is my ideal chair, now I practically suffer in others. By the way, I have the same situation with the pillow after I got the orthopedic one. I can’t sleep in hotel rooms, even if I bring my own…

All in all, look for your perfect throne and take your time to buy.

The next item on my list was walking monitors. The first monitor lived with me since the purchase of the first computer. It had the standard at that time (2009) resolution of 1280*1024. Eyes got tired after 4-5 hours.

I advise: no need to save money on monitors Eye repair is very expensive and difficult. And not always with the desired result. Now, by the way, most modern monitors have protection against blue color and a bunch of adaptive settings.

In my old office, you could find old 24-inch monitors, and after 3-5 hours of work, you feel terrible eye fatigue, burning and dryness. I saved myself with drops every hour, I just lasted until the end of the working day.

And so I sat down for new monitors and — a miracle! – eyes no longer burn! Now I have 2 Dell monitors, 24 inches. They are not gaming, just high-quality with ComfortView mode.

Of course, I also looked at the monitors, as in the picture below, I really like the design, but, objectively, there is no need for this from the word “at all”, it’s just a wish.

By the way, if I have already talked about monitors, I advise you to also pay attention to the owners for them. Oh, it’s very convenient: you can place the screens as you want without too much trouble. Spin and spin as much as you want, and all this in practically one touch. And it is especially relevant if you have a narrow table. Space saves decently.

What else did I learn to not suffer from distance? Here again about the eyes. Even with the new monitors, they were getting more and more tired every day. This is called computer vision syndrome. Fatigue accumulates, dryness in own eyes, irritation. And this topic is quite serious.

What to save? The first thing that comes to mind is moisturizing eye drops. It should be dripped every hour or two, but I confess I forget. But the humidifier saves me. Especially in the dry winter months. So far, I am using a simple one, designed for an area of ​​~20 meters, but I am looking at more advanced models. Maintaining it is very simple: the main thing is not to forget to wash it (breathing mold is bad) and fill it with filtered water (so that there is less plaque).

Of course, it is still recommended computer glasses and charging for the eyesbut I’m lazy, and you?

Ah yes! More lighting! It’s generally simple here. First, let’s not sit in the dark. The area behind the monitor should be illuminated so that it does not appear as a bright spot in the dark. Secondly, the light should fall so that the screen does not reflect. In principle, this is enough.

I will probably also remember sports. It turned out that it is difficult to sit at home. The laziness increases exponentially, as does the pain in the body. Then, for the first time for me, I learned to exercise (and not only in the morning).

Do you spend most of the day in a sitting position? So, we add physical activity to our lives: we walk, run, jump. What a pleasure to go to training after work! Tennis, cycling, running, gym – whatever. The main thing is to stretch the body, disperse the blood, because you will think better, faster and cleaner, and therefore, you will breed fewer bugs. If you are already completely lazy, persuade yourself to at least walk around the apartment once an hour.

And don’t forget to control your posture. When sitting for a long time, there is a static load on the entire spine, and unnatural postures cause pain in the muscles. In addition, the joints of the hands, leg muscles, back and neck feel a strong load. For prevention, I also visit for a massage once every six months. After him, life becomes easier.

I guess I’ll end this article (although there are a lot more things I’d like to mention) and invite you to share your tips on how to survive the distance.

Thanks to everyone who read!

All the best!

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