Doom can be run on anything

Doom can be run on anything

Fans of retro games do not let their favorite games die, making modifications or porting them to modern versions of consoles and software. And the mansion here is a cult game


1993, which began to be launched not only on PCs and consoles, but on any device that has a screen and a processor. And it became a kind of meme. A game created on the engine

id Tech 1

was designed so that the game required only the most modest settings.

A lot of technology has evolved over time since Doom was released. In 2007, a revolution began when Apple released its first iPhone, and soon displays became an integral part of the 21st century, being integrated into more and more products and everyday tools: refrigerators, toasters, cash registers, cars, electronic cigarettes and even tests for pregnancy. Instead, it became possible to run Doom on all these devices. Thus was born the concept of Doom running on everything (DROE), spawning a culture where Doom was played on ATMs, calculators, LEGO bricks, potatoes, and even the aforementioned pregnancy tests.

Of course, Doom won’t work best on, say, an LED billboard or a Playdate console, but that doesn’t matter. Within the DROE culture, simply displaying a game on a certain device’s screen is considered a success.

Stay tuned for more stories of enthusiasts running Doom with improvised items to wreak havoc on the demons of Hell. In the meantime, here are some amazing examples of how the legendary Doom runs on different devices.


Doom was designed to be very portable from the start, weighing in at just 2.39MB. Today, the average web page size is 3.5 MB. As computing power has increased dramatically since 1993, so has the number of devices that can run the game. And it is still very fun to play.

To achieve the 3D effect, Doom was programmed very efficiently. Doom uses very few CPU cycles. The engine itself is technically not 3D – limited calculations are performed along the Z axis. Data is very efficiently packed into WAD files. Doom has its own memory manager. All this means that the system does not necessarily have to be very powerful compared to modern technologies to run Doom.

id Software released Doom’s source code in 1997 – just four years after the game’s debut – making it easier to access and recompile. The developers regularly state that the Doom engine is well-coordinated and organized, making porting the game much easier. id Software originally released the code for the Linux version. Almost immediately, people started porting the game back to DOS, hence the term “source port”. Eventually, this led to many forks of the code to various source ports such as ZDoom and Chocolate Doom. This means that there are always people working on the Doom code and keeping it up to date. The one thing all these ports have in common is that they can use the original Doom resources.

Doom code in C

The game is written in the C programming language, and most platforms today have access to a C compiler. The C programming language has a long history that dates back to the 70s. The most important thing about C when it came out was that it was “portable”. As long as there is a compiler for the platform, porting a program to C is much easier than porting something like assembly code. And since C is an old language, there are compilers for every possible platform. Languages ​​like C++ and Objective C are also compatible, giving more options. Also, languages ​​like Java can include C code through the shell (which is how most Android ports are made).


Doom was once the king of the free-to-play game. Shareware games are similar to demos. In the case of Doom and many others, the first third of the game was free, and you had to pay for the full version of the game. This means that until that day, people can get a portion of Doom for free.

On December 1, 2006, YouTuber Stephen English uploaded video recording of the Doom game on an oscilloscope.

On August 12, 2006, YouTuber KevlarGorilla posted


in which he plays Doom Nintendo DS.

On April 8, 2006, YouTuber bogaut posted footage of Doom running on an iPod.

On March 24, 2009, YouTuber yerzmyey posted


games running on the ZX Spectrum 8-bit personal computer.

On February 16, 2011, YouTuber DJ Omnimaga uploaded


the graphing calculator that launched Doom.

On October 16, 2013, the blog was launched “

It Runs Doom

» on Tumblr, featuring images and videos of Doom playing on various electronic devices. Since then, “It Runs Doom” has been considered a meme.

On August 10, 2014, YouTuber Aussie50 posted a video of himself playing Doom at an ATM.

Jul 16, 2015 by YouTuber TheZombieKiller

uploaded the footage

on which Doom runs inside a virtual arcade machine in a port of the game


. The best way to beat the boredom of killing demons in Doom is to take a break and kill demons in Doom. The mod for the popular GZDoom port runs a basic copy of Doom inside the game itself using a tool called

Action Code Script

, which allows you to create complex interactive environments and objects based on player actions. It’s only a matter of time before you can play Doom in Doom in Doom. TheZombieKiller also ran Wolfenstein in Doom.

May 8, 2016 Vice Motherboard Technology Blog

published an article

with a list of the different devices you can run Doom on. In 2016, the DROE culture really took off.

On November 20, 2016, YouTuber diffractive posted a video of Doom playing on a MacBook Pro touchpad. In a month, the video received more than 1.4 million views and 400 comments.


Reddit user,


, created Minecraft mods in which you can create computers that work as virtual machines. In the video about the mod, you can see how the player tests programs such as Paint and of course Doom on computers. Thus essentially creating a game within a game. It should not be confused with the Minecraft mod, which creates a new Doom adventure map in Minecraft gameplay.

A researcher named Viktor Tóth conducted


, to see if he could teach a rat to run down a straight corridor in Doom using a VR rig. In the experiment, a rat runs through a sphere that controls the character’s movement. He also experimented with teaching a rat to shoot at enemies.


of the 2023 IEEE International Conference on Solid State Circuits in San Francisco



chip manufacturer NDP200, demonstrated how the chip was taught to play in


. The latter is a stripped down and lightweight version of Doom that is often used in AI research and reinforcement learning.

The level shown is called “Circle Defense” and is a circular room with enemies constantly appearing and disappearing immediately after being killed (so there is no death animation). The NDP200 was trained on a multi-layer neural network so that the chip’s 640 kilobytes of on-board memory could identify, target, and shoot the demons of Hell.

The NDP200 is an ultra-low power chip. It is designed, in fact, to monitor video through neural networks, consuming almost no energy, and when it notices, for example, a person passing by, it wakes up more powerful systems to perform “real” monitoring. The AI ​​experts, of course, decided to demonstrate its capabilities by teaching it to play Doom.

Reddit user Wojtek-Graj was able to create a playable version of Doom using only sound. There wasn’t much to look at, so the developer connected a spectrogram to visualize the sound.

Wotjek-Graj has uploaded the source code for this port

Doom on Github

as well as complete setup instructions.

Tweet2Doom – This is a Twitter bot that lets you play a classic first-person shooter using commands sent via Twitter. These commands are sent to the bot and a video is sent to the user showing what happened, after which they can continue to send more commands and progress through the levels. The full list of commands and how they work can be found in the account’s pinned tweet.

It’s far from the most elegant and useful port of Doom, but it’s another step in humanity’s journey towards making Doom playable on anything and everything ever made.

And they have already stolen the first, iconic level of Doom. One user used just two tweets to beat E1M1 in 11 seconds or less than 500 frames of gameplay.

Due to its simplistic design, Doom has even infiltrated blockchain networks with updates to the Bitcoin and Dogecoin networks. After launching the NFT-like protocol Ordinals, a Bitcoin enthusiast injected a simplified Doom clone into the blockchain.

Graduate student of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the field of bioengineering

launched Doom on gut bacteria

. The screen is a 32×48 1-bit monochrome display filled with fluorescent protein that bacteria live in

E. coli

, and each of them acts as a separate pixel. And it is on this very low resolution display that you can visualize the gameplay of Doom. However, the cells took a very long time to light up properly: 70 minutes to light up the image, then another eight hours and 20 minutes to fade out and the image could be reset for the next frame. This means that the bacterial display takes about eight and a half hours to load one frame. It takes approximately 600 years to complete a game of Doom on gut bacteria cells. But theoretically it is possible.

Immortality Doom

This is just a small portion of all the wild devices that can play Doom on. No doubt there will be even more crazy gadgets capable of playing Doom in the coming years, even if, admittedly, it will be difficult to beat bacteria.

Fans will always find new ways to honor the memory of their favorite franchises. So you can expect the list of strange devices playing Doom to only grow.

The reboot of the series may take the franchise in a new direction, but the original Doom is still very much relevant in its own right. And twenty years from now, someone will write an article explaining that every device in the IoT can now run an ancient 2016 remake of Doom that isn’t even in immersive VR.

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