DK “Astra” released a new version of the ALD Pro centralized control and automation system

DK “Astra” released a new version of the ALD Pro centralized control and automation system

The Astra group of companies announced a new release of the ALD Pro 2.2.0 solution. The release improves many components affecting the solution architecture, information security, mechanisms for managing group policies, the system update process, and other aspects.

Key changes in the release:

  • reworked the mechanism of obtaining (developed a new transport) and applying parameters of group policies, software policies and event collection rules in order to reduce the load on domain controllers;

  • changed the conceptual approach in terms of ALD Pro repositories and the use of packages (dependencies), improved the process of installing different versions of ALD Pro;

  • redesigned the concept of interaction with OS repositories during ALD Pro installation. Connecting the base and extended ALSE repositories are no longer mandatory. The required minimum is the main (main) and the operational update repository (repository-update) ALSE;

  • Python applications have been changed to work with dependencies. All backend python programs run in a separate virtual environment;

  • improved work with dependencies when working and interacting with Astra Linux Special Edition;

  • added the possibility of resetting the user’s password through the management portal interface (in the authorization form and in the user’s personal account);

  • improved link chains at the top of the UX/UI interface;

  • changed versions of components and plugins, including SaltStack, Grafana 9.2.20, grafana-zabbix plugin 4.3.1;

  • revisions were made in the area of ​​information security;

  • updated supporting documentation: ALD Pro Help Center, ALD Pro Manuals, and ALD Pro PMI. The ALD Pro Admin Guide has been completely redesigned.

The full list can be found here.

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