DJI introduced the FlyCart 30 – a cargo drone capable of transporting up to 40 kilograms

DJI introduced the FlyCart 30 – a cargo drone capable of transporting up to 40 kilograms

DJI presented its first cargo drone FlyCart 30 with a maximum payload of up to 40 kilograms. The drone is protected against bad weather and harsh conditions, and in the event of a fall, it will use the built-in parachute system for a smooth landing.

The FlyCart 30 is designed on the basis of a four-axis multi-rotor design with eight carbon fiber blades. The maximum flight speed is 20 m/s. Single and dual battery configurations are available to users. In the first case, the drone will be able to transport cargo weighing up to 40 kilograms over a distance of up to 8 kilometers, and in the second – up to 30 kilograms over 16 kilometers. Stable communication is ensured at a distance of up to 20 kilometers, after which control can be transferred to another operator who is on the route.

The drone is equipped with a system of sensors and sensors that ensure safety during flight. FlyCart 30 assesses weather conditions and detects obstacles at any time of the day. The drone can climb to a height of up to 3,000 meters, so it is equipped with an ADS-B receiver that will warn of approaching aircraft. Before take-off, the device beeps and waits for people to leave the take-off area, otherwise the drone will not start the propellers. In addition, the FlyCart 3 is equipped with a parachute for a soft descent during an accident.

Cargo can be transported in a special 70-liter container. It is equipped with a sensor of the center of gravity, with the help of which the drone receives data to maintain balance. A 20-meter cable with a winch is provided, which can be used to hook objects. A system of automatic compensation of load swaying has been announced. FlyCart 3 can be folded for transport in a car.

The device is equipped with a high-resolution camera that broadcasts images during flight. FlyCart 3 comes with all the necessary software for route planning, monitoring, management and monitoring of cargo status. The device supports integration with third-party platforms and cloud systems. DJI notes that the drone is intended for professional use in the field of cargo delivery and emergency response. Experts believe that the price of FlyCart 3 will start from 17 thousand dollars.

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