digital rubles will not be “colored” to track operations with them / Habr

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Russia’s Central Bank will treat digital rubles as the same means of payment as physical cash and non-digital rubles, it has announced. Unlike other non-cash payments, digital rubles will not have a digital footprint that could potentially be monitored by the authorities. The introduction of digital rubles is intended to enable the private sector and the government to automate settlements of contracts, according to the Central Bank. The bank had originally planned to monitor digital ruble transactions through “painting,” but Olga Skorobogatova, the bank’s first deputy head, recently said that they will be treated the same as other forms of payment.

digital rubles will not be “colored” to track operations with them / Habr

The Central Bank plans to consider digital rubles as the same means of payment as cash and non-cash rubles, so they will not be “colored” for tracking transactions, writes TASS with reference to the first deputy head of the department Olga Skorobogatova.

According to the official, digital rubles will be ordinary money. If a person, for example, wants to set up a periodic payment to a specific recipient, the Central Bank will provide such an opportunity in digital rubles using a smart contact. The owners of the money will be given the opportunity to choose whether they want to pay in this way or not, Skorobogatova emphasized.

Now all non-cash payments have a digital footprint, says Skorobogatova. If there is a relevant law, information about them will be monitored by the authorities, the official said.

The CP says that the introduction of the digital ruble will allow the private sector and the state to automate settlement of contracts. At the same time, at first, the regulator claimed that they would monitor operations related to targeted use with the help of “painting”, including during state procurement and execution of state contracts.

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