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Russian customs have suspended the electronic register of intellectual property objects Trois until May 19, 2023, meaning customs will not automatically stop products marked with certain signs at the border to check their legality. Meanwhile, the fate of brands whose owners left Russia is now known. Companies that left Russia and suspended non-food retail foreign brands lost about $2bn in unearned profits, with Inditex, H&M and IKEA bearing the brunt of the losses, accounting for over $1bn. Among the deals, Fashion and More Management bought JSC Nova Moda from Inditex.

digest of the main news / Habr

How much the owners of companies lost when they left Russia, how Ford is going to use drones to charge batteries, and Apple’s victory over the “patent troll”: all the most interesting in the field of intellectual property in our new digest.

Fate of brands

Russian customs suspended until May 19, 2023, the validity of trademarks of Disney characters, Google and famous cosmetic brands in the electronic register of intellectual property objects Trois. This means that now customs will not automatically stop products marked with certain signs at the border in order to find out the right holder’s opinion about its legality. At the same time, trademarks are entered into the Register, as a rule, at the request of the right holders themselves.

The further fate of brands whose owners never decided to leave Russia became known. Yes, the subcommittee on control over foreign investments allowed Inditex Group (brands Zara, Bershka, Stradivarius and others) will sell 100% of JSC Nova Moda. It was bought by Fashion And More Management DMCC, registered in the free economic zone of the UAE, which is going to restart Zara stores under new brands in April-May.

Among other deals: the forestry assets of UPM (Finnish woodworking company) in Russia were purchased by Swedish businessman Martin Hermansson. UPM’s subsidiary company “YUPM-Kyummen Chudovo” manages a plywood production plant in the Novgorod region. According to the results of 2021, the turnover reached 8.2 billion rubles. The enterprise produces birch plywood for construction, transport engineering and gas tankers.

By the way, enthusiasts counted, That companies that left Russia and suspended the work of foreign brands lost a total of about $ 2 billion dollars. The total amount of losses in the form of unearned profits of foreign brands operating in non-food retail exceeded $1.3–1.5 billion. Taking into account the temporarily closed stores of chains that did not declare their dismissal, the amount may reach $2 billion. The same Inditex received the most , as well as H&M and IKEA. Three accounted for more than $1 billion in losses.

Neglected shopping center. Source: businessinsider


Google patented game testing technology with the help of artificial intelligence, designed to increase the speed and quality of QA testing. The Efficient Gameplay Training For Artificial Intelligence patent was published on March 23 (via VeryAli Gaming). This will be a learning gameplay model that can be adjusted as needed.

Last week Ford published a patent for a system using an aerial vehicle with manipulators that is able to open the hood and charge a battery that has landed. The drone is designed to help stranded motorists with a dead battery who don’t have access to a charging cable or another vehicle. Ford vehicles will be able to send a launch request indicating the vehicle’s current location to one or more drones. After arriving at the location, the drones open the hood, connect to the car’s battery and provide recharging.

Sony also never ceases to delight gamers. The company recently applied patent, which will allow you to immerse yourself even more in the gameplay with the help of a controller that can change the temperature. The patent is unimaginatively called “Controller” and describes a mechanism capable of “presenting the material of a virtual object in the game space to the user in the form of tactile sensations, transmitting the temperature of the virtual object in the form of a feeling of heat/cold, etc.” Thus, Sony seeks to solve the problem of “stiffness” of plastic, which is used today in the controllers of its consoles, to provide increased sensitivity to the player’s touches and improve tactile feedback.

Apple vs. a patent troll

Apple Corporation, being a good purveyor of news, last week received victory in a patent dispute with software developer VirnetX Inc. The latter expected to receive about $503 million in compensation for the alleged violation of several of the company’s patents by the tech giant.

Apple too convinced the US appeals court will uphold the decision of the Patent and Trademark Office, which cancels the need to pay $503 million in favor of VirnetX Inc, which deals with patent licensing. In the course of the proceedings, the Bureau invalidated two patents (however banal, but they are VPN patents) that the company accused Apple of infringing.

Apple and VirnetX have fought several patent infringement lawsuits over the past 13 years with varying degrees of success. But VirnetX, which is engaged in patent licensing, has a reputation as a “patent troll”, so Apple’s victory is especially significant for the corporation’s leadership and fans of its products.

Apple is fighting a patent troll. Illustration from Bloomberg Businessweek by George Wylesol

Legal formalities

Last week (order Ministry of Economic Development dated March 1, 2023 No. 130), was approved new form applications for early termination of legal protection of a trademark, service mark, exclusive right to a geographical indication or NMPT. It is established for the application of “any person, except the right holder, for early termination of legal protection of a trademark, service mark, well-known trademark, trademark, service mark protected on the territory of the Russian Federation in accordance with the international treaties of the Russian Federation.”

The new order cancels order Ministry of Economic Development for 2020.

Premature termination of trademark protection is carried out to protect the interests of applicants in situations where, during the examination of the designation applied for registration as a trademark, a trademark of a third party is found to be identical or similar to the degree of confusion.

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