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digest of the main news / Habr

Another attempt to patent an invention created with the help of artificial intelligence has been lost. Regulators banned the sale of the new Apple Watch before Christmas. If you play the game too well, your controller starts to suffer, and you can thank Sony and their new design for that. This is not only in our traditional digest of the main news.

The whole world is against: artificial intelligence cannot be an inventor

Stephen Thaler lost in the Supreme Court in Great Britain. From 2020, he is seeking various jurisdictions to obtain patents for inventions made by artificial intelligence. Thaler created the DABUS model as an “invention machine” and is now trying to “hack” at least some of the national legislation in order to obtain a patent where AI will be named as the inventor.

In most countries (including in Russia), the law directly states that the author of an invention can only be a person (or a company, i.e., a legal entity). Thaler lost the court. There was a glimmer of hope in Australia, where a court ruled that although AI cannot be patented or even accepted, it will be considered an inventor. However, the Australian counterpart of Rospatent categorically disagreed even with this decision and decided that the Australian government believes that only a person can be an inventor.

The European Patent Office rejected the patent applications for the same reason and defended this decision in the Court of Appeal. The same thing happened in Germany. In Israel, South Korea and New Zealand patent applications were rejected without trial.

But in South Africa, a patent was issued. There is a very loyal patent system with few basic application requirements.

Patents in Russia are underregulated, but there are more and more inventors

In the 11 months from January to November 2023, the number of applications for patents from Russian companies increased by 8% compared to the same period of the previous year, the head of Rospatent Yuriy Zubov told the press. And the number of applications from IT companies grew up by 14.8%.

Zubov clarified that this growth is significant, such dynamics were not observed in previous years. Many applications for “critically important” areas: medicine, diagnostics, oil refining, aircraft, engine building, transport. In Russia, the mechanism of transparent market evaluation of intellectual property is currently incomplete, admitted the head of the department.

According to the Ministry of Statistics, since the beginning of 2023, 4,333 solutions have been included in the Register of domestic software, which is 16% more than in 2022. There are now 19,417 programs in the register.

Yes, the other day in Russia was issued a patent for an aircraft data aggregator server. It should ensure the interaction of the aircraft with drones as part of a single swarm group, processing data from the drones and sending them commands from the aircraft pilot.

Apple lost revenue from Christmas watch sales due to patent dispute

Apple statedAs per its own decision, the company issued a request to the press from the American International Trade Commission, which became a stage in Apple’s patent dispute with Masimo.

Masimo, a California-based medtech startup, is accusing the Cupertino tech giant of infringing a patent on a technology to measure blood oxygenation (oxygen saturation) using light. Masimo’s claims were backed up by evidence that Apple had lured away dozens of employees, including top executives.

The previous iteration of the proceedings ended with the court requiring Apple to reach an agreement with Masimo to license the disputed technology within two months. The representative of the latter said that the techno giant did not even try to negotiate with them, but immediately went to President Biden with a request to veto the Commission’s decision.

All in all, Apple just didn’t have time to get a veto decision before the sales freeze deadline. The corporation already has a successful track record of using this mechanism: in 2013, a court ruled that it violated a Samsung patent and tried to stop sales of some iPhone and iPad models, but the Barack Obama administration overturned the ban.

Sales of the smartwatch added about $20 billion to Apple’s $383 billion in revenue last year, Bernstein Research estimated. The corporation remains the leader in sales of these devices in the world, accounting for about a third of global watch sales.

Sony patents the technology of automatic game difficulty
Sony developed a system that automatically changes the parameters that determine the difficulty of the game. If the gamer is given a pass too easily, the system “turns up” the speed of movement, the strength of the character, the delay of the execution of commands, the number of opponents and other parameters based on the performance of the player predicted by the algorithms.

The specific implementation here is more interesting than the idea itself, because the idea is already being implemented by some game manufacturers. Sony risks infringing on someone’s already obtained patents here, especially in the part of technology that affects the control devices. One of the strategies to increase the difficulty of the game is based on reducing the sensitivity of the controller to button presses.

Alibaba to sue Japanese customs logistics startup in Asia and the US

Small Japanese company BWB decided deal with the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group at once in Tokyo, Seoul and California. BWB holds patents for a system that allows sellers to register goods with customs at a pre-set rate of duty before shipping, and allows customers to pay duty immediately at the time of order, thus avoiding delivery issues. Alibaba is allegedly infringing on the Japanese firm’s cross-border e-commerce technology patents. In California, the first trial will take place on February 13.

In California, toys help disabled children get around

Associate Professor of Engineering, University of North Florida received two patents for developments that will help children with disabilities gain more freedom of movement and comfort compared to wheelchairs.

The devices themselves look like toy cars that children can ride and control. They are the product of a decade of work by the Adaptive Toy project, which began in 2013. University students from the fields of physiotherapy and engineering work in this project. Every year, they distribute programs developed during this device time to participating children.

Typical cars in which children can ride are not suitable for the disabled and are generally not serious in many respects. These are primarily toys, so they break easily, are not customized for the user, have very primitive controls, and the child grows up too quickly.

As part of Adaptive Toy, the residents of the university hope to create a machine without these defects. The child’s parents will be able to adjust it independently at home, taking into account the child’s needs and age changes.

Everything is Hyperloop: the office is closed, employees are fired, the test site is for sale

Elon Musk’s project, the high-speed capsule transport system Hyperloop, did not take place. The company’s testing ground and equipment are for sale. The Los Angeles office is closed, and the last working day for most employees will be December 31 this year. The intellectual property of the Virgin Hyperloop company will be transferred to Dubai-registered DP World, which since 2016 has owned a controlling stake in the Hyperloop developer.

Hyperloop has been covered by the press in chorus from about the moment it appeared in the public domain. The project was announced anti-scientificimpractical, too expensive, incapable to provide the infrastructure for functioning and generally invented for a flat Earth.

US legislation was also ready to provide a legal framework for the operation of a new type of transport. Approximately half of the project’s staff was released as early as February 2022. His decade is in March 2023 noted dismantling of the test tunnel price in California | Well, there was no technological breakthrough in transport, instead we can say: “And we were talking!”.

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