Digest of articles for successful freelance work

Digest of articles for successful freelance work

We have compiled a selection of blog articles that will be relevant to all specialists who want to successfully develop as a freelancer. We shared secrets, life hacks, and tricks that will help you work efficiently and get more orders.


It’s convenient to have all the important materials at hand so that you can review them from time to time and use tips.

Read in the article:

If you are just starting your freelancing journey, we recommend that you read the guide for beginners. Look for useful tips for a successful start on Freelancehunt:

A selection of useful materials for beginners on Freelancehunt

We offer a detailed guide with useful articles for freelancers. Relevant for both beginners and specialists who have already adapted and want to develop.

We learn to correctly determine and increase the cost of services

We calculate prices for our services

How to calculate the cost of services so as not to reduce the cost, fit into the market, and not burn out, and still have potential for growth? There are several pricing models for freelancers – pay per time, per project, or based on value provided. Read the article about which method to choose and why.

How can a freelancer calculate the cost of his services?

There are several methods for determining the fair value of your work. We talk about them and the procedure for increasing prices in the price list in this article.

10 main tips on how to correctly increase prices so as not to lose customers

Why would a freelancer periodically increase the price of his work? This brings more money, and with it more opportunities, time, and enjoyment of life. Also, regular price increases are necessary not only to cover basic needs, but also for motivation and inspiration in work. But you should also remember that every change in cost is a risk, because a certain number of clients may refuse further cooperation. Our practical advice will help you work at the best price and minimize the risk of losing regular customers.

10 tips on how to increase prices and not lose customers

In the article we talk about 10 ways to minimize the risks of losing regular customers after increasing prices for services on the Freelancehunt service.

Bonus – how to earn more money on the freelancing service

Fun fact: 70% of freelancers who use Plus on a regular basis say it helps them get more projects. Want to make sure? Read our freelancer survey results article and try taking advantage of Plus now.

How to make more money freelancing – Freelancehunt

We’ll tell you how to earn more money from freelancing for a beginner or an experienced freelancer. Freelancer reviews and analytics

Portfolio is a freelance business card.

Somewhat important about the portfolio

Often, customers go to the general directory of freelancers to find a specialist for their project. The first thing they pay attention to is selected work from a freelancer’s portfolio. These are 3 works under each name in the catalogue. The article explained why you should choose top examples for the first 3 places in your portfolio and revealed life hacks on how to do this.

How to choose the top 3 works for a portfolio as a freelancer

We tell you why it is important to choose top works for the first 3 places in your portfolio and reveal life hacks on how to do it correctly.

Earn more with your portfolio work

After reading this article, you can earn 20% more just through portfolio work. It’s simple – a properly designed portfolio works as an effective tool for attracting customers. Follow our recommendations and see for yourself.

How to properly design a portfolio and earn more

How to properly display your work in a portfolio to attract potential clients and get 20% more new projects.

Everything you need to know about betting

A little analytics for better results

In the next article, you’ll learn how to win more projects, communicate the value of your services, and track your bid performance. The author offers an algorithm for working with bets that can be easily adjusted to different niches. Unique advice from your own experience. Use it!

How can a freelancer understand that his rate is working?

In the article, our top freelancer explains in detail how to win more projects, correctly convey the value of your services and shows the algorithm of work.

All trumps on the table!

We continue a series of materials in which one of the top Freelancehunt specialists shares his experience and usefulness. He revealed the secrets of creating successful bids, showed several common mistakes that almost 90% of freelancers make when bidding, and told how to avoid them. Use these tips to improve your bidding performance by 55%.

11 elements to make your project bid successful

We continue to talk about how to create the perfect proposal. Let’s talk about 11 elements in bets that will make them 55% more successful.

What will help improve your profile and attract the attention of customers

In previous articles, we looked at the main steps that each client goes through when choosing a freelancer, what influences the client’s decision at the bidding stage, and how to optimize these moments. We also learned how to track the effectiveness of bids and profiles. Now let’s find out how and why to improve your profile on the service.

How to Improve Your Freelancer Profile to Win Projects

How and why to improve your profile on the Freelancehunt service. 4 important profile points. Tips from a top freelancer.

Secrets of success in freelancing

The balance of hard and soft skills is the ideal formula for a freelancer.

According to a study by Harvard University, success in work depends only 15% on the hard skills of a specialist. And 85% are soft skills. Read the article to check which soft skills you have that are key to success as a freelancer.

What hard and soft skills are important for freelancers to develop?

We’re talking about the Freelancer’s Skills Set: what hard and soft skills a specialist needs to succeed in freelancing, and which skills weigh more.

The Golden Rules of the Ideal Freelancer

We all want to become the best version of ourselves and improve our skills to be the coolest in the business. The author of the article suggests considering certain rules that will help you become an ideal freelancer, increase your value as a specialist and increase your earnings. So read and shake your mustache, even if you don’t have one 😜.

How to become the perfect freelancer with Freelancehunt

Basic rules on how to become an ideal freelancer. By using these tips, you will increase your value as a freelancer and, with it, your earnings.

Restarting as a freelancer

If you are one of those who, for certain reasons, was forced to take a break from work, we have some valuable advice for you. Thanks to them, you will safely return to the circle of freelancers and receive new orders. And we will help you with this.

How to get a freelance order after a long break

How to return to freelancing after a long break and get an order? Instructions on how to start from scratch

Who is the boss in freelancing – the freelancer or the client?

Have you ever wondered who is leading the project – the customer or the freelancer? Which one of them is the boss? And is a boss-subordinate relationship necessary for freelancing? Interesting questions and completely unobvious answers.

try to build partnerships, because such cooperation is usually pleasant and long-term.

The author reveals the secrets of cooperation between the customer and the freelancer. It also offers a checklist of what to pay attention to when communicating with the customer in order to avoid misunderstandings.

Who’s the boss in freelancing?

Who is leading the project: the client or the freelancer? Which one is the boss and is he needed at all? Conclusions based on real collaboration on Freelancehunt.

Staying productive

Steps to recovery if burnout hits you

Physical and emotional state are the most important assets for life in general and harmonious career growth in particular. If you want to work effectively as a freelancer, feel strength, energy and even inspiration, then this article is definitely for you. We’re talking about 5 steps to recovery from professional burnout.

5 Steps to Recovery from Freelancing Burnout

Freelancer Freelancehunt told: how to understand that burnout has occurred, how to find and eliminate its cause, and how to avoid such a condition in the future.

Working with emotions

With the onset of the full-scale invasion, the causes of stress have increased significantly. Moving, uncertainty, blackouts, anxiety, terrible news, fatigue. This negatively affects our performance. Therefore, we decided to figure out how to improve stress resistance and maintain health and productivity.

How to improve stress resistance and maintain productivity

Top tips from a psychologist that will help improve stress resistance, reduce psychological stress and adapt to modern realities.

6 Ways to Increase Productivity

Stress is a necessary stimulus for development. The main thing is what we choose to do with it. In the next article, together with a psychologist, we will examine this issue and look for ways to increase productivity in war conditions.

How to Stay Productive Freelancing During Wartime

Top 6 recommendations from a psychologist for Freelancehunt on how to cope with stress and remain productive during war. Freelance productivity.

Experience of top freelancers

We bring to your attention stories of top specialists for inspiration and motivation. How to scale as a freelancer, how quickly can you reach the top, is it really possible to take first places in 3 specializations at once? You will find answers to these and other questions in the following materials.

How to freelance from scratch to earn 150,000 UAH in 6 months

The success story of developer Daniel Sonis

The success story of a talented Ukrainian developer is interesting. Interview with top Freelancehunt freelancer Daniel Sonis.

How to develop your own business through delegation and become a customer from a freelancer

How to develop your own business by delegating freelancers

We talk about the important points of working on Freelancehunt: how to choose freelancers, how to organize cooperation with them and what tasks to delegate.

How to become the top in 3 specializations at once

Success story of a top freelancer in 3 specializations

Interview with the top 1 in 3 specializations on Freelancehunt: about the path to freelancing, the formula for success, competition, long-term cooperation and advice for beginners.

Save the article in bookmarks so as not to lose useful materials. We wish you successful and productive work on the service!

Please note: the materials were written by different authors who have their own views based on personal experience working with the service.

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