DevRel Conf returns / Habr

DevRel Conf returns / Habr

Friends, on December 9 in Moscow, at the Yandex office, a professional meeting of DevRel process participants DevRel Conf 2023 will take place.

We are now open for reports, we are waiting for applications until November 10. We will be grateful if you share the news with fellow DevRels 😉

DevRel Conf 2023 professional meeting of DevRel process participants

This year we are focusing on specific tools and personal experiences. So that beginners do not have to put together a puzzle from a dozen Telegram channels and scattered interviews, and experienced colleagues received a concentrated squeeze of best practices, we will collect reports on the main tasks faced by specialists in the management of Developer Relations.

We collect how to on the main tasks that (according to the results of the survey) are faced by Developer Relations management specialists, including:

• work with external and internal IT communities;

• search and implementation of new tools and formats;

• work with stakeholders in the organization;

• planning and performance measurement;

• managing the DevRel team.

Important point: DevRelConf welcomes anyone interested in DevRel, regardless of their major. But this is a professional conference, so in terms of the level of the report, we ask you to focus on the level of difficulty of medium and higher.

You can apply for a report on the website –

If you don’t want to perform and you just want to watch:

• register for free online or online

• share the link to CFP and registration with colleagues from DevRel –

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