developed the Atari 400 Mini, an incarnation of the old device. What kind of device is this? / Hebrew

developed the Atari 400 Mini, an incarnation of the old device. What kind of device is this? / Hebrew

Recently, the English company Retro Games, Ltd. announced the imminent release of a new version of the Atari 400 with modern hardware. Its name is THE400 Mini, it will have 25 old games in memory. An HDMI port is provided for output to the screen, there are USB connectors for connecting Atari controllers, of course, their new modification. The cost is planned at the level of $120 — about the same price as other modern versions of retro consoles from various companies. Details about the device – under cat.

Atari 400 – let’s remember what kind of device it is

Wikipedia tells us that the Atari 400 and 800 computer models were announced at CES in January 1979, at the West Coast Computer Faire in San Francisco in May, and again at CES in June, but the machines did not begin production until August. and by November 1979 they were widely distributed. Initially, the differences between the models were related to the amount of memory – 4 Kb of RAM in the 400 and 8 Kb in the 800. However, at the time of release, prices for memory began to fall, and as a result, both models came out with 8 Kb of RAM. As components became cheaper, Atari increased the amount of memory for the 800 computer to 48 KB, completely filling all slots.

Despite its membrane keyboard and single cartridge slot, the Atari 400 sold twice as much as the Atari 800.

The devices sold best in 1982, and in 1983 their production was already discontinued. At the very beginning, the Atari 400 cost twice as much as the 800. By the way, the keyboard of the device was membrane, which is quite unusual and not to mention very convenient. However, the computer became very popular — not least because of its advanced configuration, which provided high-quality graphics and sound at that time. Several games appeared that quickly became popular among players, one of the best being Star Raiders. The cost of the Atari 400 was $550, which made the system quite affordable. The price, of course, is very high for the time, but still it is half the price of the 800.

By the way, Atari, Inc. preferred to use the term “Atari 800 home computer system [или 400]”, often combining the model names into “Atari 400/800” or simply “Atari home computers”.

Atari sold as many as 2 million such devices – this was a very good indicator for the time, especially if you consider the rather high price. They were sold in computer stores and department stores like Sears. Demonstration models were used to attract buyers, which was a good idea. A little later, 8-bit computers from Atari had competitors: first, it became the Commodore 64 with similar performance, and then some other devices. Apparently, this is why the manufacturer decided to abandon the release of the 8-bit line of computers, switching to more modern computers.

A little later, the company began to produce new models – Atari 800XL or Atari 130XE, which also became popular, the latter was known even in the USSR. But the Atari 400 was chosen for the revival – perhaps simply because the computer looks unusual.

What are they offering us now?

The new incarnation of this model is a smaller copy of the old device. It is good in that it will support programs for the entire 8-bit line of computers, including the Atari 130XE and the Atari 5200.

Here are the characteristics of the new product:

  • RAM: 256MB

  • FLASH memory: 128 MB

  • processor: AllWinner H3

  • ports and connectors: HDMI, 5x USB-A, USB-C (Power In)

The console has 25 games in memory, including:

  • Berzerk

  • Boulder Dash

  • Bruce Lee

  • Capture the Flag

  • Millipede

  • Miner 2049er

  • MULE

  • Missile Command

  • Star Raiders II

  • Yoomp!

It is reported that the gamer will be able to save the progress for each game – this is possible thanks to the slots. In addition, pause and rewind gameplay up to 30 seconds will be available.

The advantage of the revived console is that it can work with the images of any of the Atari 8-bit games – you just need to save the image on a flash drive and insert it into the slot.

As for the package, the updated version of the Atari CX-40 joystick will be put in the box. If desired, it will be possible to connect any modern controller or gamepad – thanks to the USB ports.

The image will also be modern – 720p with a refresh rate of 50 or 60 Hz and the ability to apply various filters to the “picture”.

What’s included:

THE400 Mini will go on sale on March 28, 2024 for $120.

And then there’s the Atari 500 mini

Also, the incarnation of a vintage PC is the Amiga 500, which was released in 1987. The A500 Mini comes with a two-button mouse in the original Amiga 500 style, as well as a specially designed gamepad. In addition to games for A500, the accessory supports titles for more modern Amiga consoles – ECS and A1200.

Here is a list of games stored on the device’s memory:
  • Alien Breed 3

  • Alien Breed: Special Edition’92

  • Another World

  • Arcade Pool

  • ATR: All Terrain Racing

  • Battle Chess

  • Cadaver

  • California Games

  • The Chaos Engine

  • Dragons Breath

  • F-16 Combat Pilot

  • Kick Off 2

  • The Lost Patrol

  • Paradroid 90

  • Pinball Dreams

  • Project-X: Special Edition 93

  • Quack

  • The Sentinel

  • Simon the Sorcerer

  • Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe

  • Stunt Car Racer

  • Super Cars II

  • Titus The Fox: To Marrakech And Back

  • Worms: The Director’s Cut

  • Zool: Ninja Of The “Nth” Dimension

Features include a choice of 50 or 60Hz screen refresh, a CRT filter and multiple scaling options, save states, virtual keyboard support, the option to update firmware via USB, and game editing. You can also add new titles saved on a USB drive (WHDLoad format).

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