Deus Ex (part 2) / Hebrew

Short description

Deus Ex is an immersive sim game with first-person action and RPG elements. Players can customize their character to fit their preferred style of playing, with a deep selection of augmentations that directly affect gameplay. The game offers a multitude of options for solving various situations, and the world is designed to allow players to achieve their goals in different ways. The multiplayer mode is unique and exciting, allowing players to use their built character to fight in battles against other players. Despite being over 20 years old, Deus Ex is still a significant game for the industry, and its immersive gameplay and interactivity make it worth playing.

Deus Ex (part 2) / Hebrew

Today I would like to continue the story of Deus Ex, such a significant game for the industry that I love with all my heart. Who knows, maybe after reading both parts of the review, you will go install the game on your computer. Since this is the second part of the article to familiarize yourself with the first, please link.


In this part, I want to consider what the gameplay of Deus Ex is. The genre of the game is Immersive sim, that is, the player is provided with a large number of different mechanics that contribute to immersion in the gameplay and the surrounding world. The foundation is first-person action with role-playing elements. Under your control is a character with a deep possibility of “customizing” it to your style of passing. As I said, Deus Ex is an action RPG. You are free to be either a crazy death machine, fighting your way into the enemy’s state, or a quiet, stealthy saboteur, sneaking behind enemy lines unnoticed.

The game provides a huge number of possible options for solving this or that situation or task. The world is built in such a way that you can achieve your goal in different, dissimilar ways (sometimes unplanned by the developers themselves). Moreover, the further development of events depends on the chosen method, for example, some of them can be postponed or avoided. You will repeatedly face the consequences his own a choice in the form of an additional reward, new phrases in dialogues or an instantly won battle with the boss just because you didn’t go straight into battle, but spent time exploring the world!

Role system

As I said in the first part of the review, you play as a UNATCO employee who is a prototype nanotech agent. Augmentations (increments) can be installed in your body, which directly affect the desired way of playing the game. You can choose implants according to your tastes and needs. It can be the rather banal “Muscles”, “Speed”, “Quiet Running”, and the rather unusual “Ballistic Protection” or “Aggressive Protection System”. Unfortunately for the munchkins, you won’t be able to stuff your hero with all the boosts at once, as some of them are interchangeable. Therefore, you will have to choose which set will be more useful for your style of play.

Do you think that’s all? No matter how! The game has many computer terminals, locked doors, surveillance cameras, secret places under water, and let them be dealt with purely by gameplay solutions, for example, locked doors can be blown up, broken or opened with a found key; gain access to information on the computer by previously finding a password somewhere on the location or, again, by cracking it; and you can sneak into a secret room at the bottom of the river using a scuba diving. But most often, to achieve the goal, it is much easier to upgrade the necessary skill. Already at the start of the game, you will be offered to distribute skill points, that is, to make a base for the future build of your character. Yes, by leveling up the skill of using a weapon, you can significantly improve its accuracy, but this is not the only solution.

In stores, in hideouts, as a reward for tasks, you will find various additions to weapons: a laser sight, a silencer, an enlarged clip and much more. All modifications can improve the characteristics of your weapon, for example, provide comfortable accuracy. Weapons are lethal and non-lethal. You are free to cut down opponents without killing, or you can go as the Terminator, destroying everything in your path. I would like to note that even the chosen way of completing the mission (with or without killings) will cause, albeit small, consequences.

But this is not the last factor that depends on the capabilities of your alter ego in the process of performing the assigned tasks. Each part of the body (yours, that of your enemies) has its own health, which directly affects its functionality. With a wounded leg, the speed of movement will slow down significantly, and if you damage both, you can only crawl. With a damaged hand, the accuracy drops noticeably, but with a shot in the head … you will die))))

Well, we have pumped the skills of our character, distributed his implants, selected and increased the effectiveness of weapons, but where to use it all? As in any self-respecting simulator, the levels of the game are built so that you can always achieve the goals in any way you want. Do you want to pass quietly without causing alarm? There is a vent in the corner that will allow you to cut a path while staying in the shadows. Do you want to get to the zone guarded by lasers and cameras? Well, the game world is quite interactive, and you can build “stairs” from boxes and calmly climb over the fence, or block the laser beams with the same boxes. The game designers and level designers made sure that the game can be played in each of the ways, which have both pros and cons, but no one forbids you to use your tactics, different from what the developers intended.


If you think about everything I said, you can understand how deep the game is in terms of gameplay and narrative, even for a modern, quite experienced gamer. And imagine what the game looked like at the beginning of zero?

Other games encourage you to explore the world through quests or questions on a map. While playing Deus Ex, I caught myself thinking that I was exploring it simply because I wanted to… I wanted to be in this, by feeling, really living world, I wanted to explore it and find something interesting, and the best thing is that the game rewards you for it .


Finally, let’s talk about multiplayer.

To be honest, as in Europa Universalis 4 (by the way, there is a review of this addictive strategy on my channel), I haven’t tried the online game, so I can’t say anything concrete. But it would be wrong to remain silent, because a lot of people still play it and say that the multiplayer in Deus Ex is unique and very interesting in its own way. I read many positive reviews about him on the Internet. Thanks to implants, a huge number of weapons and items, the opportunity to assemble a build for your play style is added, and therefore the battles are very exciting.


Despite the fact that the review of the game turned out to be very long, believe me, I did not tell too much! I wish you to immerse yourself in this world, for someone to go back in time for a moment and remember how cool it was, and for someone (lucky bastards) for the first time to plunge into this gray and gloomy, but still so bright and attractive, dystopian world! There are really few such games even nowadays, and not playing it would be a greater oversight. Forget that the game is more than 20 years old, forget about the schedule and you will stop noticing its flaws after 30 minutes, but you simply cannot ignore the impression it will give you.

I’ve been playing games for over 25 years, and I remember them as just that: soulful and addictive, with engaging mechanics and interactivity, no in-game currency, and no attempt to be anything but a game. In my Telegram channels not only game reviews are waiting for you, but also current news and thoughts about gamedev. Subscribe, it will be interesting!

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