Detailed guide “How to spoil the training of employees”

Detailed guide “How to spoil the training of employees”

What I did not see while working with training departments of large companies (both in Russia and abroad). I publish my personal TOP-10 “How to screw up any employee training.” Use it.

#1 – Make a program, not a project

If you want it to be downright bad-bad, then just do the program in the moment. You should not treat the program as a separate project with its own stages, deadlines, involved employees. Just gather learning from what is there. Let it sit for a couple of months, then when you’re freer, upload to the LMS. Deadlines and plans are for weaklings, and you and I are highly organized professionals and will do everything intuitively. Ideally, do not record the program itself anywhere, do not write down ideas and in no case show it to anyone.

#2 – Rely only on your experience

Under no circumstances do any research: neither internal nor external. And why? You already know everything. There is absolutely no interview. Well, why go to a business and ask what their goals are, what is planned. Time, as they say, will tell. Even if there are some changes in the company, you will find out about it anyway. To train employees with an eye on business goals is complete absurdity. Where is HR, and where are business goals! Moreover, in no case should you go to the employees themselves and see what they have there and how it is done. Dig through the full program. It is better to come up with your own needs, you can see better from your place.

#3 – Rely on past experience and trends

It’s important to only use what you’ve already done in your programs. Please don’t bring new tools and experiment with formats there. No one is interested in the new. Everything that works, you already know, employees are used to the same thing. And it somehow works! No need to change it.

For an advanced level – if you want to present your cases at trendy HR events, be sure to Google trends and use them in your programs. If you’re too lazy to google, here’s a ready-made solution for you – add AI (AI, artificial intelligence) and something about virtual reality (VR, AR) to the name of the program. No one will figure out whether it is there or not (don’t worry), you can easily travel the country with educational webinars.

#4 – Don’t set goals

When you make a program, in no case do not set goals and all kinds of KPIs and indicators. When the manager asks about the effectiveness of the program, operate only with your thoughts and feelings. Firstly, the manager does not understand much about this, and secondly, he has already forgotten everything ten times. If you suddenly receive a claim that the effect of the program does not meet expectations, you have nothing to complain about. No goals – no problems. Remember and do not thank.

#5 – Focus only on knowledge

As old as the world: learning is about concrete knowledge, not at all about skills and thinking/behavior work. All people are adults and responsible and will figure out what and how to apply at work. After all, they get paid and it’s their duty. And yes, don’t invest too much in employees, they can leave and take all the knowledge with them. Unpleasant situation.

#6 – Avoid creating a user journey

Fire the contractors who talk about tricky CJM, “user path” and kill all related branches too. Write down:

  • Do not make clear criteria for entering the program, let all employees (with different experience and competences) get into it, it will seem simple and banal to someone, and too complicated to someone. Let them decide for themselves. Again, all adults.

  • Use practice tests as many practice tests as possible. Ideally, they should be larger and more frequent, so that employees do not relax. They may be buzzing about it, but don’t give up, stand your ground!

  • Make training the duty of employees! Set a clear time frame for them, and even better, make the terms short. Then they will quickly go through everything.

  • Do not focus on the internal cycles of the company, do training when you think it is necessary. And another important point – study during New Year’s or May holidays, and preferably in the summer. On such dates, people are relaxed and will be able to devote enough time to study.

#7 – Take away all the excess

Now I will save you months of life and a lot of nerves. Do not add any mentors, curators and, God forbid, managers to your programs. Even if you think employees need support, they don’t. You understand that you are spending man-hours of specialists, and they will be chatting with ignorant employees at this time. It is better to teach the employee how to use Yandex and he will be happy. You have to be in a hurry somehow, well!

#8 – Don’t waste time on testing

Let’s do it. You are an expert and you have clearly made a good program! Kick out anyone who talks about test runs and pilots. This only postpones the start of training. And to be honest, it doesn’t make any sense. If you need feedback, you will receive it on time and immediately from everyone who passed. I don’t see the point of sharing in small groups at all!

#9 – The most simple visual

Please do not waste money on various beautiful presentations and e-learning. Good old PDF always works fine. Well, agree, there is nothing better than a good methodology of 80-100 pages, where everything is clearly and clearly written. Again, you can print it out and always have it at hand. This cannot be done with e-learning or video lessons, no way. Choose yourself.

#10 – Take your time

Try to do everything as measured as possible so as not to face a situation when everything starts to burn at the same time. Calmly do your work, and train your employees to deal with the residual symptom. You hire professional people, they themselves must know what to do. The fact that you make a program for them is already a great luxury. They should be grateful. So take your time and take as much time as you need. A good study is a good movie. Sometimes 3 to 5 years can pass from the idea to the premiere.

That’s all! I have been collecting this experience for years. And believe me, he gave me hard work and sleepless nights. Leave your comments and write in Telegram. You look at it at our place and you get a book!

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