Demand for freelancing in Ukraine grew by a record 84%

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Unemployment in Ukraine is at 26% due to the ongoing war in 2023. However, the freelance market has seen an 84% increase in demand for Ukrainian freelancers compared to the previous year. Factors contributing to the growth of freelancing in Ukraine include many users seeing it as their primary job, the ability to earn more than in a traditional office job, and the convenience of working from anywhere. Categories in high demand are IT, design, and marketing. In the future, Ukraine may become a leader in Europe for the number of freelancers, with a potential 15-20% of the working population becoming self-employed.

Demand for freelancing in Ukraine grew by a record 84%

In 2023, there is a war going on, which directly affects the state of the economy and the growth of unemployment in Ukraine. According to the NBU, the level of the latter is 26%. In our country, as well as all over the world, there is a reduction of specialists in technology companies. The Ukrainian IT market is in a fever: the risks of mobilization, power outages, constant psychological pressure – all these are negative factors when deciding on further cooperation with IT companies in Ukraine.

But there are those who managed to continue to grow even in such conditions – this is the freelance market. We share statistics according to which the demand for freelancers from our country in the first months of 2023 increased by 84% compared to last year.

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“The beginning of the year was marked by regular peaks”

“Now we can talk about the rapid growth of freelancer registrations on the service, who come to Freelancehunt in search of work. I consider it important to note that we are approaching the mark of 20,000 registered new specialists per month. The beginning of the year was marked by new peaks, which were even higher than the growth in the first months of the war,” says Valentin Zyuzin, head of Freelancehunt.

It should be noted the key factors influencing the development of the freelance market in Ukraine and the increase in the number of specialists:

  • Most platform users see freelancing as their permanent and only job. In Europe and the USA, this figure reaches 70%. In Ukraine in 2021, according to our data, it was 56%.
  • Freelancing employs qualified professionals. Usually these are people 24-45 years old with 2-5 years of experience. 80% of them have higher education.
  • This is an opportunity for specialists to earn more than in the office at a permanent job.
  • The main demand for freelance services is created by small businesses. Yes, in the US, 70% of entrepreneurs have collaborated with remote professionals. 81% of them plan to continue hiring freelancers, and 83% agree that freelancers have helped grow their business a lot.
  • IT, design, marketing are the most popular categories that are in demand among businesses. It is these areas that are dynamically developing in the world of technology.

Given the war, the economic crisis, coronavirus and other factors, we can safely talk about a sharp increase in the popularity of freelancing.

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What is driving the rise in demand for freelancing?

Every year we see an increase in demand indicators. This dynamic can be explained by the following reasons:

  • Globalization of the economy. Thanks to the development of technology and the growth of connections between countries, companies and entrepreneurs are becoming more and more global. A freelancer from Ukraine can develop an application for an American company or write texts for a French cafe.
  • Convenient conditions. Specialists can create a comfortable workplace for themselves in any cafe, at home or even in the yard.
  • More opportunities for development. In the office, you work in one direction or in a niche. As a freelancer, you can change projects at least once a week.
  • There are no clear financial restrictions, that is, you yourself decide what the monthly salary will be.

Artificial intelligence helps to do tasks better and faster, foreign customers offer even more interesting projects, employers more often prefer freelancers to permanent employees – all this only accelerates the growth in demand.

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What’s next for freelancing in 2023

In the coming years, our country may become the leader in Europe in terms of the number of freelancers, and the share of self-employed among the working population may reach 15-20%. Last year in the US this figure was 39%, so the Ukrainian market has room to grow. But the most important thing is that there are all possibilities for this.

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