DC “Solar” talked about the sale of companies for illegal activity in 2023 and 2024

DC “Solar” talked about the sale of companies for illegal activity in 2023 and 2024

The Solar group of companies said that in 2023 it found 1,844 Russian companies for sale in the shadow segment of the Internet for illegal activity, which is an average of five companies per day. Compared to 2022, the number of such announcements in 2023 increased by 42%, and the trend continues in 2024 as well, the press service of DC “Solar” told the Khabra information service.

According to the experts of DC “Solar”, these companies buy under illegal activity, for example, illegal transfer to cash and money laundering. Companies can also be used in supply chain attacks or scenarios related to false partnerships or scams related to one-day firms.

During the analysis of compromised data for the past year, 420 incidents related to the leakage of confidential information of Russian companies were revealed.

In terms of the number of incidents, the first two places were occupied by the services sector (28% of all incidents) and e-commerce (26% of all incidents). According to IT experts, these areas did not pay due attention to information security due to the low interest of hackers. The construction and development industry (12%) was in third place, IT (9%) and the education sector (8%) were in fourth and fifth place.

IS specialists said that in the first 2.5 months of 2024, the data of 170 companies had already leaked. In 2023, this number was 40% of all incidents. The amount of published data amounted to 450 million lines, including 27.7 million compromised e-mail addresses and 137 million phone numbers.

In addition, over the past year, experts recorded 13,300 ads in the darknet and Telegram channels offering various illegal services, for example, selling hacked accounts, products bypassing official channels, and so on.

In 38% of ads, attackers in 2023 were interested in offers to sell accounts, hack data, and recruit employees to carry out cyberattacks on large Russian organizations and departments. In 31% of ads, hackers were interested in financial sector services, for example, selling bank cards and access to a bank client’s personal account or opening bank accounts without visiting a bank. You can read more in the report on the company’s website.

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