DC “Aquarius” opened two new development centers

DC “Aquarius” opened two new development centers

The “Aquarius” group of companies opened two new development centers: in St. Petersburg, where the automation of server management software testing is carried out, and in Nizhny Novgorod, where specialists work in the field of software development for mobile devices.

By the end of the year, Aquarius intends to automate as many processes as possible in the St. Petersburg R&D center, which will increase the accuracy and speed of work. The Central Committee notes that the task of the center’s team is to build a process so that from the moment of assembling the product to issuing a report on its quality, the engineer’s intervention is required only in case of urgent need.

The management of DC “Aquarius” plans to expand the team and hire employees who will deal with the automation of testing other system software.

The opening of two R&D centers is of strategic importance for the group of companies. First, both cities had established teams that had world-class expertise in the competencies that were needed. Secondly, one of the best IT schools is located here, which will allow us to attract highly professional developers to Aquarius to expand the teams,” said Volodymyr Stepanov, president of Aquarius Group. He also added that the Central Committee is expanding teams not only in the technological centers of the country, but also in those cities where production complexes are located: in Shui and Tver.

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